Wednesday, May 20, 2009

adesign Brushes

When constructing a building, there are certain building materials needed in order to erect a strong, resilient masterpiece that stands up to the elements as well as gravity. Steel, Iron, Wood, Copper. These things are used with drills, cranes, saw's etc. There are many other things needed as we all know but you get the idea. Without these tools, the building wouldn't be what it was supposed to be.

Lets talk about makeup tools. We as artists take pride in our work. We strive for excellence and perfection in everything we do. We are eclectic and artsy-fartsy (<-that's soo what we We find inspiration all around us from different people, places and things. When creating a masterpiece the proper tools are needed. In the case of a makeup artist we need brushes. Can I say it again?? WE...NEED...BRUSHES!! Not just any brushes however. What determines a professional quality brush? Knowing this will make it so much easier for you to find just the right brushes for your kit and personal use.
  1. Your brushes SHOULD NOT SHED! Period! No if and's or but's. A quality brush is made so carefully that the brushes are firmly affixed to their barrel to avoid the random stray hair that can get in your eye or your clients eye.
  2. It should keep it's original form. When you have your brush in your hand, if you push on the bristles one way, it shouldn't stay the way they were pushed. They should spring back to their original position. One would think this is obvious but just in case someone out there reading this wasn't sure, now you can be:)
  3. PBT= the hightest grade hair available. I know you all have the sense of touch. When shopping for your brushes don't judge the softness against your finger pads. They are already tough because you touch everything with them. Try the brushes on the back of your hands. The hair should feel baby soft against your skin not firm and hard. The intensity of the weight of the brush should be controlled by your hand not the lack of quality brush you might be holding.
  4. No streaks with application. This will be obvious when you're using your brushes with your makeup. If you're applying foundation with a cheap brush, chances are, no matter how hard you try to avoid them or cover them up, there is a bit of streaking. This will of course be amplified in HD television when your clients face is magnified on the big screan. Everything shows when you're in THAT line of work.
  5. Vegan. No animals should be harmed for the making of makeup brushes. It just doesn't make sense. The brushes have HAIR. Hair can be shaved off of an animal and let it continue living it's life.
Now, having this information, you might be thinking "Where oh where can I find such an amazing product? Who cares so much about makeup artists that they took the time to perfect the tools we use to get the best results from our work?"

The answer is : adesign.
With adesign, not only is all of the above true but all of their products are hand cut. Every single brush is bound, assembled and cut by hand. They are then put into a piece where they are dipped into the paint to coat the handles.

Knowing what I've told you, doesn't it make you WANT these brushes in a MAJOR WAY?!? I mean, even though the brushes are made in mass quantities, they are made by hand! That's like comparing a McDonalds apple pie to Grandma's home made apple pie.

When something is done by hand, with care, using the finest materials, the outcome is just satisfying goodness. I don't know about you, but thats the same kind of passion and care I have for makeup artistry.

Lets put a name to a face shall we?

(Me w/Shana King)

So, now that I've enlightened you a little bit about the brushes that beat all the other brushes butt in the playground, I'm going to tell you where you can finds uch perfect tools.

Visit You can do so by clicking on the title of this post and be connected right to their site.

While you're there, be sure to do yourself a favor and pick up the pointed foundation brush. Yes people, I did say POINTED...FOUNDATION BRUSH.

Here's why:

The point can get into hard to reach areas like around the nose and inner corners of the eyes. When you gently push down it becomes a regular flat foundation brush. Using just the tip and tapping gently makes it a concealer brush. Thats THREE brushes in ONE! WHAATT?!? Iiiiiiiiiiiii Know!!! It's crazy but it's true. invest in your craft.. paint....create.. It's what we were born to do.

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  1. It was so great to meet you at this show!! Adesign appreciates your support and we can't wait to cross paths again!

    Love, Shana


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