Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nars Summer 2009 Collection

"To Nars Own Self Be True"
by: Cristina Rivera (Glowing Faces MUA)

It's summer time and we all want to keep up with the make-up trends without looking over done. Actually that's probably what we're going for most of the time..LOL

We can all thank Francois Nars for the collection of beautiful colors and textures that can now grace our faces this summer 2009.

Glowing sun kissed skin is always the goal in the summer but adding vibrant colors to the mix is what is going to have this summer be one for the record books.

There will be no shying away from bright electric blues and vibrant oranges. We shall wear them with pride, coordinating our jewelry and shoes with our faces. Sun dresses this year will have a whole new accessory... "To Nars Own Self Be True".

Here are just some of the electrifying colors Nars has blessed us make-up junkies with for it's 15th birthday:

"The look for the Summer 2009 collection is sophisticated, but colorful,” says Fran├žois Nars.
Quote taken from-

So when you're feeling like you need a little change this season, something to put a little pep in your step. Hop, skip or jump to your nearest Nars retailer and pick up something snazzy for your mug and make the world your runway.

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