Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Skin and Hair

So, everyone wants to look good. No matter who you are, men and women alike, before you leave your house you check yourself in the mirror. As you walk by your reflection, you make sure that nothings changed since you checked yourself earlier. Occasionally, you'll peek in the rear view mirror for a little more than just looking at traffic behind you.

The fella's are just as vain as the women. And it's not a bad thing. The last think you want is to have a zit loom its ugly head as you're smiling at a hottie, or have your hair so dull and lifeless that you look like you haven't washed it in days when you're on your way to a job interview.

So, wouldn't it make sense to take care of yourself so there's less to have to cover up, adjust or otherwise hide?? Thought you might see it my way:) Lets talk skin and hair health:)

I'm sure you've heard that drinking 8 glasses of water per day is essential for skin and hair health. This isn't a rumor, it's not an old wives tail, it's the truth. Yes, using good products in your hair, keeping it clean and trimmed helps but what you put in your body directly affects how your hair grows and how your skin looks.

Here are just some items you can easily slip into your diet that can help with healthy hair growth:

Salmon, Dark Veggies, Beans, Nuts, Poultry, Eggs, Whole Grains, Oysters, Dairy products & Carrots.

It's just as easy to substitute a piece of chicken breast for a pork chop. How about slipping an egg into your salad for lunch. That salad can actually take care of your dark veggies, beans, eggs and dairy requirement:) Small changes can make all the difference.

As for your skin, we all know that you need to have a proper skin care regimen in order to keep yourself free of blemishes, ruddy complexion, excessive oil or flaky dry skin. Wash, exfoliate, tone and moisturize twice daily. There are also foods that you can add to your diet or replace in your diet in order to improve skin health. Here are a few:

Berries!!! (blackberry, blueberry, strawberries and plums), Salmon, Walnuts, Canola Oil, Whole Wheat, Green tea, and water, water, water.

If you notice, there are a lot of the same foods necessary for the proper health of hair and skin.

So imagine, you've changed or adjusted your diet to include these foods. You've been diligent enough to be sure to keep to a skin regimen twice a day.

The result? Healthy skin that doesn't need much makeup at all, hair that's bouncy, shiny and split end free. You're best you is now out there for the world to see.

I'm not saying this will make anyone out there less vain. I'm simply saying that instead of checking yourself out in search of flaws, you'll be checking yourself out in appreciation of all the things you're doing right.

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