Thursday, May 14, 2009

You can never have enough VOGUE

If you're anything like me (and something tells me you're at least a little bit like you're counting down the days before your next Vogue shows up in your mail box.

I skim, glance through, read & re-read my Vogue issues. It's like I get something different out of them EVERY TIME I pick it up. Sometimes I'm inspired by the jewelry and turn it into a unique eyeshadow look, or maybe a shoe will make me want to re-vamp my wardrobe. Even the gawwwgeous ladies make me want to stay on the elliptical machine just a little longer.

So with all this Vogue around, who would think one could always want more? I WOULD!! LOL..
And now, we have it. it's Vogue TV!! Yep.. That's right.. I said Vogue....TV!! Learn it, Live it, Love it people!!

On this website you can check out the latest trends, shop and get tips and tricks in the beauty department!! Iiiiiiiiiiiii know! It's almost too good to be true. Almost! Cuz it sooo is true.

So click on my topic for this article and it will link you right to Vogue TV!!!
Enjoy yourselves everyone.. it's just good times and high fives waiting to happen:)

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