Monday, June 29, 2009

Smashbox Pro Workshop

Here you have it folks! Another chance to study with one of the best make-up lines and make-up artists out there...SMASHBOX!!

Here's the low down. On July 13th, 2009 at the Smashbox Studio in Los Angeles, Lori Taylor- Lead Make-up Artist for Smashbox cosmetics will be holding a "Diversity in Make-up" workshop.

In this workshop you will learn the proper techniques for applying makeup on Asian, Latina, African American and Indian Women.

You will also receive:
  • 50 PRO recommended Smashbox must-have products
  • A professional photograph of your model for your portfolio
  • All un-retouched images released on a CD following the workshop
  • 60% discount on all Smashbox products the day of the workshop
  • Automatic enrollment in the 40% Smashbox PRO VIP discount for life
  • Smashbox PRO workshop certificate
All of this for a mere $1000!!! Imagine how good it will feel to add THIS to your resume:) I'm wishing I was closer so that I could also attend. I'm always looking for new tips to add to my bag of tricks. You could never have too much info:)

To reserve your spot, please contact

Attention Twilight Lovers!!!

Are you a Twilight Lover??? If so, you don't want to miss THIS!!!

Turns out, Affliction is going to host an autograph signing for Peter Facinelli (of Twilight) in LA. This is so that he can thank his Twitter followers for following him. He's also giving away his Twilight chair to a lucky winner!!!

Affliction is donating 10k to the Christopher Reeve Foundation and hopes that Peter's Twitter fans also make a donation of their own.

So, if you're not busy on Tuesday afternoon, swing by their LA store and meet Peter Facinelli, get yourself an autograph and make a donation to the Christopher Reeve Foundation!!!

Here's the time/place info:
Tuesday June 30th from 4pm-7pm
7811 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles CA 90046

And if you're not already following Peter on Twitter.. What are you waiting for??? Here's his Twitter info:

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm always stopping into store after store looking for something to make me stop in my tracks.As you can imagine, being a make-up artist and beauty editor, my kit and my make-up condo is jam packed full of all types of stuff. It's not easy to impress me but I do give every product a chance to prove it's worthy of being in my kit..LOL..

You gotta figure, I'm the one who has to lug in around so I need to make sure I'm only bringing what is worth bringing, lest I hurt my shoulder and back for no good reason.

Recently I came across a product who's very name made me stop in my tracks. Its cute name, simple packaging and adorable display area was enough to make me want to test these products out:) The name.."Liptini". Yep.. as in Martini..
Some of you have heard of these little wonders but I'll be the one to admit I had NEVER heard of them before. Naturally I had to know ALL ABOUT THEM!!

As I tried these new glosses I realized how smooth they go on. They're moisturizing and bleed proof. They give a gloss like nobody's business without feeling like a liquid lipstick.

And the MIXERS!!!
These little do-dads are remarkable!! You simply apply the mixer first on your lips (wherever you want to color to vary). Then, you apply your lipstick (any lipstick, doesn't have to be a liptini lipstick) and tadaaahh, you've just "mixed up" a new custom lip color for yourself or your clients:) Top this new shade with a lip topper gloss and you're out the door!

Lemme tell you how this cute little line caught my eye!! It was displayed in a giant martini class with little glass stones to look like liquid. These lipglosses, lipstains and mixers were all dipped in these glass stones like straws.. It was just too girlie for words!! I of course, had to have one or It exemplifies what makeup is all about.. Having fun, being girlie and expressing yourself.

And they didn't stop at lips. These people went ahead and included nailpolish as well. What did they call it you ask?? "Nailtini" of course!!

These too can be mixed and matched to create custom colors for yourself:) Have your nails match your lips and be just as sassy as you wanna be!!

How cute is it to "mix up" your own colors based on your mood. Have a liptini, have a cocktail.. lol.. (with a straw!!). You don't wanna mess up your creation after all:)

Click on the title of this post to be taken to the Liptini website. Happy shopping!! 'Clink' ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

30 Days at 100 Percent

Ever catch yourself not giving your all in everything you do? It's rare for me to do so, but it does happen. Ever wonder how NOT giving 100% of yourself in everything you do looks do other people? Do they KNOW that you're not giving your all? Do they believe that your mediocrity is, in fact, the best you can do and won't ask more of you? If that's the case, is that a GOOD thing?

When you sit back and think about it, it doesn't sound like such a great thing. I can remember studying my tail off for an exam. I would live and breathe that subject until I knew it backwards and forwards(yeah I'm a little It wasn't until I took the test and put down the pencil that I realized I had done my best. This was even before seeing the grade.

You see, when you give your all, then you know, deep inside that it was in fact the best you can do. You weren't holding any part of yourself back. When you truly know this, then you can feel a sense of deep satisfaction with yourself. After all, that's who you have to live with in the end anyway.

Everyone that knows me, knows, that I won't do anything halfway. It's all or nothing. I can't put my name on something that I feel will be perceived as mediocre. I'd rather not do it at all than do it half way.

This goes for just about everything I do. Sure the occasional load of laundry might get over looked and the pots might sit in the sink while the rest of the dishes are in the dish washer, but for the most part, whatever I've decided to do gets done with fervor.

Still, there are times when I wonder if there is something more that I could have done. Be it in my personal life or in my professional life. Making contacts, attending networking parties, booking clients etc.. Have I given myself enough options, am I so overworked that my judgment is actually clouded and I need to learn to relax so that I can in fact proceed at 100%??

Fortunately, I found I'm not the only one feeling this uneasiness from time to time. There are many of you out there that want to do your best and have just lost your focus. You want your name synonymous with the "all or nothing". (trust me you really do!! :))

In Crystal Wrights' "30 Days at 100 Percent" you will learn to focus, gain momentum and begin to achieve your goals.

To quote Crystal: "My belief; that by changing only one thing every 30 days, expecting God's power and favor in your life, and refusing to take no for an answer from anyone, including yourself, you can reclaim your power, reinvent yourself, and step into the life of your choosing."

When I read those words, I suddenly felt compelled to not only join the mailing list but to also invest in the cd's but to let you all know about it as well. Who doesn't want to be on top? Who doesn't want to give 100%?? It's truly something we should all be striving for.

So if for no other reason than sheer curiosity, click on the title of this post. Check out what "30 days at 100 percent" is about. I mean, it can't HURT you to gain more knowledge right?
It certainly can't
HOLD YOU BACK. Only YOU can do that.

Naimes Does it Again

Unfortunately I don't live near a Naimes. For those of you who DOOOOOO, count yourselves LUCKY!! Did you know that Naimes hosts classes for all of you lovely people for deeply discounted prices?? Yeah IIIIIIIII KNOW!!

If you're not yet "friends" or "fans" with them on Facebook you might want to get on that. When you do this, you will be up to date on all their up coming classes.

In the mean time, I'm posting some info here for all of you to take advantage of:)


Price not available.


Price not available.

Now I don't know about YOU, but if I lived closer I would sooooo be there for each and every one of these! I mean, even though two out of the four don't have prices available you can rest assured that when you check their respective websites for the prices, they will be reasonable and right up your alley:) Also, the $20.00 that IS listed is a deposit and is refunded when you show up for class!!!

So don't sit around wondering what you can do to further ur career. No more dilly dallying! CHOP CHOP!! Get yourself a ticket or two (bring a friend) and TAKE NOTES! (yeah you're not going to want to forget the pad and pen for these bad boys)

To be taken directly to the Naime's workshop page, simply click on the title of this post:) It's only a mouse, click and a msg away!!! lol..

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Guess what's coming to Laaaaas Veeeegaaaaaaaas?? Come one, come all to "The B2B Event" at the Mandalay Bay on July 18-21 2009.

At this giant event, you will find four pavilions. Each pavilion dedicated to a part of the beauty world.
Pavilion A: here you will find "Cosmetics and Personal Care.
Pavilion B: You will find "Packaging, Contract Manufacturing and Private Label"
Pavilion C: "Wellness & Spa"
Pavilion D: "Professional Hair, Nails & Tools"

As you can see, there is something for everyone!

Lets break it down just a li'l bit so that you have an idea of what you're getting and at what price you're getting it at. Shall we? Lets! LOL..

***The following information was taken directly from the Cosmoprof website:***

Get Together Party

Saturday, July 18, 2009 | 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Price: Member Price $55, Non–Member Price – $65 ($10 additional after June 16)
Venue: Mandalay Bay Foyer 2nd Level

This is the kick–off event for Cosmoprof North America 2009. This event is open to visitors, exhibitors and members of the press. This is also the best way to start networking and starting off your Cosmoprof North America experience.

PBA Symposium “Consumer Culture”

Saturday, July 18 – Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Event co–locating with Cosmoprof North America

General Sessions

Sunday July 19, 2009 | 7:30 AM – 9:45 AM; 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM
Monday July 20, 2009 | 7:30 AM – 9:45 AM; 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Don´t miss PBA Symposium morning General Sessions! Attendees will explore the future of salon retailing – what consumers are buying and where, why they are buying certain products over others and what the salon can do to increase product sales – from industry–expert panels, interactive round table discussions and PBA´s year–long landmark study.

Learn the principles to creating the ideal customer experience and what salons can do to sell more. Listen as salon owners and managers share their inspirations for enhancing their businesses.

Cosmoprof North America attendees and exhibitors receive special pricing to all PBA Symposium General Sessions.

Visit for more details.

A Quick Look at some Morning General Sessions:

Sunday July 19, 2009 | 7:30 AM – 9:45 AM
PBA´s landmark study, Business of Beauty: Maximize your Profitability, will explore the habits and buying trends of today´s beauty consumer while examining the growth potential of the beauty product sector. Learn the role of the stylist and the impact distributors and manufactures have on current and future salon environments.

Sunday July 19, 2009 | 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM
Join Lou Carbone, author of the best–selling book “Clued In – How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again”, as he unravels the riddle that is the “human experience” and demonstrates how to create stronger relationships and more loyal customers during Getting Clued In to Experienced Management.

Monday July 20, 2009 | 7:30 AM – 9:45 AM
Learn the tricks retailers use to sell more products, how to compete with them and how to read the telltale clues to understanding what experience your clients are having during Beauty is My Business.

Monday July 20, 2009 | 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM
Best Practice Club Members share the innovations that have excelled them to the top of the industry during Best Practice Round Tables providing networking and strategy building ideas for salon/spa owners and key managers to implement in their salon/spa.

20th Annual North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA 20)

Sunday, July 19, 2009
Red Carpet Reception | 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Gala Ceremony | 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Price: Member Price – $75, Non–Member Price – $85
Venue: Mandalay Ballroom

Join us as the industry honors style power! Awards are presented to North America’s premier super–stylists in twelve categories, including Hairstylist of the Year. NAHA is the most prestigious hairstyling competition in North America. Don’t miss this exciting event!

Purchase Tickets:

PBA Member Lounge

Sunday, July 19, 2009 | 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday, July 20, 2009 | 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Price: Complimentary Access to PBA Members
Venue: Adjacent to PBA Booth
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Join your fellow PBA members at Cosmoprof North America in the PBA Member Lounge. Open during show hours, relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments in a casual and collegial atmosphere. Catch up with old friends, meet new industry professionals and share your stories with others. We hope to see you there!

PBA City of Hope Reception

City of Hope ticket required
Monday, July 20, 2009 | 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Venue: South Pacific Ballroom

Join the Professional Beauty Association as we celebrate the good works of the City of Hope and this year’s honorees, Cheryl & Jim Markham. This elegant evening reception allows industry executives a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new colleagues. A City of Hope ticket is required for entrance to the reception.

You can make a difference in the fight against cancer too; some fun ways to get involved are highlighted for salon staff and owners in the City of Hope´s FUNraising Guide. Check it out!

City of Hope: Spirit of Life Award

Monday, July 20, 2009 | 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Venue: South Pacific Ballroom

City of Hope, an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution, is dedicated to the prevention and cure of diabetes, cancer and other life–threatening diseases, guided by a compassionate patient–centered philosophy, and supported by a national foundation of humanitarian philanthropy. Members of the National Professional Salon Industry come together in an annual campaign recognizing the need for financial support and join in an effort to raise funds for City of Hope. Proceeds from the campaign support research, treatment and education programs at City of Hope.

The annual campaign culminates with the presentation of City of Hope’s most prestigious honor – the Spirit of Life® Award – to an outstanding industry leader who has made a significant commitment to helping those in need. Spirit of Life® honorees are recognized for notable contributions to their community and their profession. They are acknowledged for their achievements, integrity and good work within the beauty industry. The National Professional Salon Industry takes great pride in presenting Cheryl & Jim Markham, founders of PureOlogy, with the 2009 Spirit of Life® Award on July 20, 2009 at a gala to be held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel.
Tickets: Table of 10 $3,000; Individual seat: $300

For more information please contact Csynthia Savage 800–272–2310 or email:

For more information on the event, visit:…

ICMAD Legislative Update

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Venue: 2nd Level of Convention Center

The official gathering of Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers And Distributors Association to review the year in cosmetic legislation with special presentation from Carl Geffen.

I can just hear you now.. "No Way!" .. well I'm here to tell you "Yeah Way!".. It's such a great event that I encourage all of you that can, to attend. The information and the contacts you gather here will be useful for years to come.

We know that we all have to do the best we can to keep working. With the economy the way it is, it's important that we're always on top of our game and putting our best foot forward in order to gain the clientele that we need. If you're not THE BEST at what you do, why should anyone spend their hard earned money on you when they could just as easily do a little more "googling" and find someone with newer techniques and honed abilities than you.

I've mentioned before that we all have to invest in our craft. This convention is one of the best ways to do that. Whether this is the first step, or you're just continuing the marathon.. The only way to get where you need to be is to keep putting one foot in front of the other:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here a Discount, There a Discount, Everywhere a Discount Discount

Who doesn't LOVE a discount?!? Don't bother telling me 'cuz I won't believe you. EVERYONE loves a DISCOUNT!!

Well, let me tell you what I got for all you faithful readers (and you newbees too!!). Ok, so, I know there are a lot of you out there struggling to get work. Being Make-up Artists, Fashion or Hair Stylists it can be difficult trying to get people to let go of their money and give it to you for services rendered. This is not at all surprising being that we're in a recession. However, there are some things you can do to "recession proof" your profession. Wanna hear it? Here it goes..

One thing you should do, almost immediately, is purchase Crystal Wright's Book. I can almost hear you rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth but STOP IT and listen (or why I'm telling you this.

Crystal Wright is a well known, sought after, agent. She is president of The Crystal Agency for makeup, hair and fashion styling in Hollywood, CA. Her artists work on celebrities, fashion editorials, music videos and TV commercials. Are ya with me? Keep reading.

Crystal is also a speaker and educator at International beauty conventions. She teaches for the Canadian Makeup & Hair Union and was an educator for MAC's Master class.

Now, does THIS sound like someone you might want to be affiliated with? If your answer is no, then, well.. WOW. If, however, your answer is a RESONATING YES (as mine was, is & always will then you're going to want to pay close attention to how Crystal has decided to "hook up" my blog readers.. Yeah man!! I did say 'hook you up'!!!

For those blog readers who have decided that they're going to do whatever they need to do to make it in this industry, come what may, Crystal has provided a discount code (or two) for you:)

She is aware that times are tough. She knows that forking over part or all of your hard earned cash might not be the easiest thing to do for some right now. Here's what we've got for you all...
Here it comes.......Wait for it....... lol...

For Glowing Faces Makeup Artistry Blog readers:

Visit to purchase your copy of the renowned "Hair, Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide" and enter the discount code GLBook2009. This code entitles you to $5.00 off!!

That's not all (aaaaand now I feel like a game show if you visit or and sign up for her class you will receive a discount of $75.00 off just by entering discount code GF2009 !!! Can you STAND IT?!?! That discount code is good wherever she is teaching her class for the rest of 2009!!!

Get out of your own way and succeed already will ya?!? There are enough faces, heads of hair and bodies out there for all of us to makeup, coif and style. We just need to know how to find each other. Learn how now & lets meet at the top:)!!!



PLEASE NOTE!! Taking advantage of the information provided can lead to an increase in your bank account balance, getting noticed by others seeking your services & all around success in reaching your goals. If this is not your intention, please do not continue to read the message that follows.
Thank you:)

Something that Ms. Crystal Wright states in her book (Hair, Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide), a website is THE most important thing an artist can have. Yep, even more important than a portfolio, is a website. Keeping this in mind, isn't it time you put some thought into what your website will say about you?? YEAH IT IS!!

You want your website to portray your work in the best possible light. You also want it to be something easy for people to remember, kind of like a "catch phrase". If your web address is too complicated, has to many random letters or numbers or is, in general, too long, chances are you will have very few visitors. What good will that do? The point of a website is for people to visit and see your work. Right? Right! Sooooooooo....

Fortunately for ALL OF US, Crystal Wright has purchased quite a few web names throughout the years and it just so happens that she has decided to sell some of them. These site names are catchy, easy to remember and just all around SOOUUUNNDD cool:) Can't neglect the "cool factor" people.. LOL

So take a moment to grab a pen and paper, eyeliner and post-it, lipstick and mirror and jot down the following information:
























OMG IIIIIIIIIIIIII know!! So many to choose from and they AAAALLL rock!
What you're going to want to do now is contact Crystal to grab these while they're still available.
These are not available ANYWHERE else as she is the owner of these sites and is the only one able and willing to part with them for your benefit.

Here's how you can get your artsy little fingers on them: Simply send an email to or call her office at (323) 913-0500.

One thing you might have overlooked. Crystal is an agent. She knows what sounds good, looks good, represents itself well, and sells. If you're not going to take advice from someone so well versed then you must be sitting on top looking down at us all :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let "Affliction" Grow your MUA Wardrobe!!

Here's a snazzy little tid-bit that I found in my email today:) I thought I'd share it with all of you because as a MUA it's always nice to have stylish options to have in our suitcases when we're traveling, working and just being cool..LOL..

So, if you're in the Miami area, here's something you can check out for yourselves and rack up on some serious diggs (do people say diggs anymore? lol.. )

This Thursday 18th (as in tomorrow) from 2pm-6pm on 1655 Meridian ave. in Miami Florida [South Beach] you can meet UFC fighter Hermes Franca. Not only THAT but you can also meet Antonio Margarito (former WBA welter weight champion).

While your there, I'm sure you know, there is shopping to be done. So with the purchase any Affliction product you can have them sign it!!

So to all you Miami-ins I bid you happy shopping. Shop long and flaunt it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Henry N. Jackson Fall 2009-2010 Fashion Show- BOSTON

30th 2009 was a day of days for me. I had the pleasure and the honor to serve as the makeup artist for Henry N. Jackson's Fall 2009-2010 Boston Fashion Show. Seriously, you can't even imagine what it was like. I will attempt to paint you a picture (and maybe even show you a

This grand event took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Boston. This hotel provided Henry's team with a 'backstage' area to prepare and a separate ballroom for the runway show. It was HUGE!.

Backstage with the help of P.R. representative Denise Smith, things ran as smoothly as canxpected. The ladies were punctual, respectful and eager. They listened to direction and were as professional as can be. Not that I expected any less, I mean they're models for crying out loud..LOL

The feeling in this room was that of excitement and tension. As they each tried on their gowns and arranged their overall looks, I was fortunate enough to witness a private fashion show. Seeing the glitz and glamor up close and personal was a rare treat. "You betta work"..teehee.. They soo did though, seriously..

I set up my area and was ready to go..
I was asked to speak with some ladies that were there for a workshop on becoming a runway model about makeup. (Essentials, types of makeup, proper runway looks, application etc..) This was a welcome change of pace for me. As I went about applying makeup to Henry's models I explained my makeup choices, application techniques & answered questions while trying to keep the whole thing light and fun. The ladies were so attentive. They asked questions, took notes and all in all seemed to go away with information they will use for future events.

One by one, each of Henry's models were dolled up and then dressed. Photo's were taken and tension rose as these ladies lined up, ready to take the stage. His creations came to life, swishing and draping so delicately. As they walked out, I could feel the goosebumps on my arms. There went my art and Henry's genius for all to see, judge and take in.

As the ladies hurried backstage to slip into their other looks, I could see the excitement in their eyes. Everyone pitched in to help everyone. We were all dressing and undressing the girls. Strapping on shoes and touching up their makeup. It was a true team effort.

Then.....the final walk. I scurried as fast as I could to the door to catch a glimpse of it. Each beauty, shining like a star next to the other. The room roared with applause. Henry's smile was big and proud. Unbelievable!

A job well done.

Soon after, the press swarmed around him in the newsroom and his models joined him. Interviews were done and photo's were taken as onlookers salivated at the thought of being able to bend Henry's ear even for a minute. It was thrilling to watch.

Let me take a moment to tell you the most memorable part of the evening for me and for many others.... Take this in because it was unbelievable..Ready? Wait for it........ wait for it........ ok, listen(read) to this...

Henry was one model short for the show. On the spot, he
asked a woman from the audience to stand in for him. She obliged. She was taken backstage where she slipped out of her clean tailored suit and into Henry's red sensational masterpiece. It fit like a glove and off she went to walk the runway. She worked it like it was her job, and the result??? Phenom!

This very happening is what almost single handedly
exemplified what Henry's designs are about.... Real Women. A real woman from the audience was able to walk the runway in a HNJ design with the models. There you have it.. a "real woman" (not a model) wearing Henry N. Jackson's couture for real women.

I rest my case.... for now:)