Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let "Affliction" Grow your MUA Wardrobe!!

Here's a snazzy little tid-bit that I found in my email today:) I thought I'd share it with all of you because as a MUA it's always nice to have stylish options to have in our suitcases when we're traveling, working and just being cool..LOL..

So, if you're in the Miami area, here's something you can check out for yourselves and rack up on some serious diggs (do people say diggs anymore? lol.. )

This Thursday 18th (as in tomorrow) from 2pm-6pm on 1655 Meridian ave. in Miami Florida [South Beach] you can meet UFC fighter Hermes Franca. Not only THAT but you can also meet Antonio Margarito (former WBA welter weight champion).

While your there, I'm sure you know, there is shopping to be done. So with the purchase any Affliction product you can have them sign it!!

So to all you Miami-ins I bid you happy shopping. Shop long and flaunt it!

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