Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm always stopping into store after store looking for something to make me stop in my tracks.As you can imagine, being a make-up artist and beauty editor, my kit and my make-up condo is jam packed full of all types of stuff. It's not easy to impress me but I do give every product a chance to prove it's worthy of being in my kit..LOL..

You gotta figure, I'm the one who has to lug in around so I need to make sure I'm only bringing what is worth bringing, lest I hurt my shoulder and back for no good reason.

Recently I came across a product who's very name made me stop in my tracks. Its cute name, simple packaging and adorable display area was enough to make me want to test these products out:) The name.."Liptini". Yep.. as in Martini..
Some of you have heard of these little wonders but I'll be the one to admit I had NEVER heard of them before. Naturally I had to know ALL ABOUT THEM!!

As I tried these new glosses I realized how smooth they go on. They're moisturizing and bleed proof. They give a gloss like nobody's business without feeling like a liquid lipstick.

And the MIXERS!!!
These little do-dads are remarkable!! You simply apply the mixer first on your lips (wherever you want to color to vary). Then, you apply your lipstick (any lipstick, doesn't have to be a liptini lipstick) and tadaaahh, you've just "mixed up" a new custom lip color for yourself or your clients:) Top this new shade with a lip topper gloss and you're out the door!

Lemme tell you how this cute little line caught my eye!! It was displayed in a giant martini class with little glass stones to look like liquid. These lipglosses, lipstains and mixers were all dipped in these glass stones like straws.. It was just too girlie for words!! I of course, had to have one or It exemplifies what makeup is all about.. Having fun, being girlie and expressing yourself.

And they didn't stop at lips. These people went ahead and included nailpolish as well. What did they call it you ask?? "Nailtini" of course!!

These too can be mixed and matched to create custom colors for yourself:) Have your nails match your lips and be just as sassy as you wanna be!!

How cute is it to "mix up" your own colors based on your mood. Have a liptini, have a cocktail.. lol.. (with a straw!!). You don't wanna mess up your creation after all:)

Click on the title of this post to be taken to the Liptini website. Happy shopping!! 'Clink' ;)

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