Friday, June 26, 2009

Naimes Does it Again

Unfortunately I don't live near a Naimes. For those of you who DOOOOOO, count yourselves LUCKY!! Did you know that Naimes hosts classes for all of you lovely people for deeply discounted prices?? Yeah IIIIIIIII KNOW!!

If you're not yet "friends" or "fans" with them on Facebook you might want to get on that. When you do this, you will be up to date on all their up coming classes.

In the mean time, I'm posting some info here for all of you to take advantage of:)


Price not available.


Price not available.

Now I don't know about YOU, but if I lived closer I would sooooo be there for each and every one of these! I mean, even though two out of the four don't have prices available you can rest assured that when you check their respective websites for the prices, they will be reasonable and right up your alley:) Also, the $20.00 that IS listed is a deposit and is refunded when you show up for class!!!

So don't sit around wondering what you can do to further ur career. No more dilly dallying! CHOP CHOP!! Get yourself a ticket or two (bring a friend) and TAKE NOTES! (yeah you're not going to want to forget the pad and pen for these bad boys)

To be taken directly to the Naime's workshop page, simply click on the title of this post:) It's only a mouse, click and a msg away!!! lol..

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