Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Asked for it & She Delivered

"Ask and ye shall receive"

The renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist Debra Macki has heard your request for NYC Classes. She has taken it to consideration and has come up with a class just for you/us New York peeps!!!

See, it really doesn't hurt to ask for something, because you just might get it..

The information isn't on her website just yet (yes it's that new of a decision).
Here are the details as Debra has emailed them to me:)

The Pro Class:
November 9-13 Mon-Fri, from 10am-5pm.

Info., along with a registration form can be found at

She is not consistently scheduling NY Classes so this is definitely something that you will want to take advantage of .

"Get the training and information you need to succeed
Famous for her unparalleled private classes in an unobtrusive setting, Debra teaches her theories and techniques from the heart. Build a foundation for a successful career in makeup by learning from the industry's best. See why people come from all over the world to take a class with Debra Macki!"

Here's some info. from her website so you have an idea of what taking a class from her includes. She's pulling no punches and giving you the best she's got..just as she does for all her workshops.

Class outline: Tools & brushes, client analysis, designing a look
  • Color Theory Workshop
    • color analysis
    • custom blending
    • undertones
    • warm vs. cool
  • Bone Structure
    • face shapes
    • eye shapes
    • basic highlight and contour
  • Brows
    • color balance
    • shape
  • Natural makeup
  • Makeup for the office
  • The 5-minute application

Bridal makeup:

  • the bridal industry
  • contracts
  • the consultation
  • color balance and selection
  • timeless beauty
  • setting and lighting

Special occasion makeup: false lashes

Anti-aging techniques: techniques that work best for 40+

Pageant makeup

Photography makeup: color vs. black and white techniques

  • advanced highlight and contour

The Business of Professional Makeup:

  • marketing yourself
  • networking
  • strategies for developing your business
  • how to get work
  • testings
  • promo cards
  • fee structures
  • the pro makeup kit
  • freelancing
  • assisting
  • building your portfolio
  • your image
  • makeup agencies & unions
  • rules for success and working with celebrities

What to Bring to Class:

  1. Notebook & pen
  2. Facial cleanser/toner/moisturizer/- whatever your regular skincare regime consists of
  3. Tweezers
  4. 5 examples of natural and 5 examples of dramatic makeup looks that you like (best place to find examples is magazines)
  5. A good brush set (8-10 brushes) and brush sanitizer
    If you do not have a good brush set, you can order one from us before the first class.

So... go ahead and click on the link I've provided you with and be taken directly to her page. Remember, you won't see the class listed just yet because it's soo new. You're still allowed to register for it using the pdf file you'll download from her site:)

I hope all of you makeup artists, hair stylists & makeup junkies take full advantage of this opportunity, cause she's doing this just for you!!!

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