Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Line Up

Don't blink or you'll miss the rest of the summer!!!

I know we're juuuust starting to feel like summer and already we're seeing "Back to School" sales going on. The poor kids barely started their summer and already parents are ready to send them back. I for one, was disgusted to see the first back to school sale commercial and flipped the channel when it came on to spare my li'l guy.

For the rest of us however, we do have to be sure we're prepared with next seasons trends so we can be on the cusp of what's "now"....lest we get bypassed by someone who did... Never that!! LOL.

Anywhoodles, looking at the bright side of things lets look at what dropped into my inbox from the email fairies for the color of the season... Betcha can't guess... Betcha can:)

For those of you who said "Red", you get a gold star... If you said "True Red" then you get a Platinum Star!! LOL... It's not about brown reds or orange reds it's a true red that will keep you right where you need to be this Fall. Thanks to the folks at "Who, What, Where" we have this information nice and early so we can make sure our kits have at least one or two true red lipsticks ready to use:)

Moving right along to what we (or they) will be WEARING this fall... The lovely people at were kind enough to email this lovely montage:

I know it's kind of small, but what you're seeing here is plaids, prints & heavy metals. So when you're out shopping, feel free to pick up a trendy top or bottom to show that you're not COMPLETELY out of it. Artists are unique, yes, but they're not without style. Doesn't have to be the style everyone else is wearing, but let it be known that you're in the "Know".

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