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The Artist Summit

Hey everyone:) So, I've posted "The Artist Summit" before, however, I've JUST been enformed of some new info that I just HAD to share with you guys!!!

First lets take a peek at Miami's Artist Summit On Sunday and Monday October 4th and 5th.

Sunday, October 4th, here's what you've got coming :)

Michael DeVellis
10 Words for a Stronger Career

Join The Powder Group, The Makeup Show and On Makeup Magazine founder, Michael DeVellis, as he helps you uncover the key techniques and business skills essential in taking your business to the next level; no matter what part of the industry you work in or how long you’ve been working in the business. In this popular series, Michael will focus on ten key words that should be the center of your career path and business strategy. The industry today entails an understanding of business, interpersonal, marketing and branding skills that take you and your work in a new direction. This event is the starting point for your strongest career ever.

Alison Raffaele
Foundation Focus
A perfect foundation is the key to any expert
makeup. This workshop will help you better understand the choices available for you in product and application and how to perfect the skin for any situation including bridal, photography and Hi-Def.

Kathy Aragon
Camera Ready
In this crucial event for anyone working in any print medium including
bridal, editorial, headshot or other print work, will review what’s involved in creating flawless beauty makeup for photography. You will also review the creative process including creating a story with makeup and creating makeup changes within a beauty story.

Erin Koplow for Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry
Working in Film and
In this seminar Erin Koplow, Department Head of Burn Notice
and artist for projects including CSI: Miami and Confessions of a Shopaholic will share with you the skills required to break down a script, and maintain a professional on-set etiquette that will keep you working, and the details you need to know for application, career building and working with actors for film and television projects.

Johnny Lavoy
Editorial Beauty
Strong editorial beauty techniques for hair and makeup are not
exclusive to working with magazines and editorial shoots. Johnny Lavoy demonstrates the techniques for makeup and hair that have made him a rising star in the celebrity, editorial and print advertising worlds - by applying the techniques he has perfected for the camera to every clients beauty look.

James Vincent
Research and Look
Developing your
reference, research and presentation skills is essential for today’s artists. From storyboards to spoken presentation you need to be prepared to present ideas and potential clients and the public. Learn the skills necessary to add these skills to your every application.

Crown Brush
Tools of the Trade
An artists tools can make a makeup better
or worse. With so many choices making the decision can be overwhelming. This seminar shows you what brushes to choose for any application and how to make the most of what you have and how to develop a strong brush kit.

David Klasfeld for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Practical Color
The ability to understand and
incorporate the fundamentals of color theory into your work is a key factor in the difference between a good makeup artist and a makeup artist with a sustainable and strong career. In this event David Klasfeld will discuss the fine points of concealing under eye discoloration, foundation color adjustment, skin tone correction and color combination and how to incorporate these skills successfully into every makeup application.

William Edge
The Elements of Hair Styling: Product Focus
In this intensive overview of styling technique artist, educator and salon
owner, William Edge, will demonstrate the three stages of styling performance: prep, styling and finish. In this session William will discuss how to choose and use the right products for various types of work and what products are essential for a strong basic hair kit.

Beauty and the Blog
The internet has become a place for makeup artists to build their network, their name recognition and create credibility and blogs have become the hottest way to stay connected to all that’s hot in the world of makeup and makeup artistry. In this panel discussion led by Felecia Walker Benson of This That Beauty you’ll learn how to become a part of this important network of artists, develop your own blog and become a part of the growing blogger community who shares your passion for beauty.

Business of Bridal
MIchael DeVellis

The bridal industry is one of the most important and consistent areas of makeup artistry. In this session you will learn how to develop a strong bridal business, market yourself to this important part of the industry, maintain and grow a strong returning client list and develop a sustainable and professional business in this ever–growing area of makeup artistry.

Making Up With

Working with photographers including Patrick Demarchelier, David LaChapelle, and Annie Leibowitz, Miami Based David Calcinai's editorial work has been featured in and on the covers of magazines such as Allure, Amica, Detour, Elle, and Zink. David will demonstrate the techniques that have made him such a sought after celebrity artist and share the secrets of becoming a successful celebrity makeup artist.

Danielle Fonseca for Temptu
Airbrush Artistry with Temptu – Focus on Beauty

Join Temptu’s lead
trainer, Danielle Fonseca, as she leads a seminar focusing on airbrush makeup techniques designed to conquer beauty, bridal, fashion, photography and hi-def television. Through a live demonstration focusing on application for the high-definition age, Danielle will center on airbrush cosmetics featuring our award winning S/B Makeup, Dura Makeup and Aqua Makeup.

Orlando Santiago
Latina Beauty
In this workshop renowned artist and educator Orlando
Santiago shows the skills and style that have helped him make a name for himself in the Latin world which includes commercial, film, and editorial for such Publications as Essence, Esquire, Flaunt and Vibe while helping you recognize some of the techniques and trends necessary for this client base.

Danessa Myricks
Eye Focus

This event is an intensive look at the most diverse and interesting part of makeup artistry…the eyes. In this amazing review of eye makeup in various forms Danessa will focus on creating smoky eyes, classic Hollywood eyes, using false lashes and cream liner and finding unexpected ways to use color and texture as well as discuss key elements in creating these looks including product review and technique.

Leslie Christin
Salon and Retail
Working in a retail or private client environment is one of the most challenging
jobs any makeup artist can have. From a part-time makeup artist at a salon or department store to a national artist for a major brand – Cara Cosmetics Creator Leslie Christin takes you through the necessary technique, sales and interpersonal skills you need to ensure that both your clients and the business you are working within are thrilled with the job you do.

Crystal Wright
Career Focus
Like any business, yours as a makeup artist is one that requires successful planning, and execution of a strong business and marketing plan. Industry expert and agency owner, Crystal Wright, will help you understand how to get your message across to your existing and potential clients, how to develop, or strengthen, your personal–brand so that it truly represents you and your business and the critical tools and techniques that you need to use to make the most of your business and career.

Eve Pearl for Eve Pearl Beauty
Makeup for Mature Faces

As we age, our skin and facial features change along with us. Emmy award winning makeup artist and author, Eve Pearl, will help you gain maximize your knowledge of product and techniques that will help correct a wide range of issues that our more mature clients face, and make every one who sits in your chair feel that their most radiant at any age.

Chantel Miller for MAC Cosmetics
Makeup for Runway

Fast-paced, dramatic and inspirational! Hear first-hand about the realities of creative artistry backstage. MAC Senior Artist, Chantel Miller, shares her experiences with designing and being the key for shows as well as working on another artist’s team. Find out what makes great runway makeup, the synergy between makeup and fashion and how to get started in this area. Artists demonstrate looks emerging form the runway s of New York, Milan and Paris. Watch then recreate looks from the shows and discuss helpful tips for perfecting runway makeup.

David Goforth
Working in Catalogue and Advertising

David Goforth tells you what you need to know to be successful in this lucrative area of the industry. Watch and learn as David gives you the information that will help you get a foot in the door of a normally agency-artist dominated field and demonstrates the skills that will help you stay there.

Building Your Website
The technical aspect of creating a website leaves many of us feeling lost and understandably over our heads. Web designer Luis Aragon helps take the fear out of creating a strong website and gets us up to speed on the language of website development. Luis will discuss the various terminology and aspects of web design, what works and what should be avoided for a professional website and how to maximize the viewer’s online experience when visiting your website.

Crystal Wright
Portfolio and Website Focus

The two most important ways of promoting your images go hand–in–hand in the modern makeup artist business. A portfolio needs to work in conjunction with an online presence of your work and in this session you’ll learn how to choose the images that will get you hired, how to set up your book and website, what not to use and how to approach getting your work seen by the clients you want to hire you.

Keynote: Matin
A Career in Makeup

In this first time ever event you will experience the artistry that separates Matin from others in the industry and learn the secrets that have kept him working with magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Allure and Elle and the industry’s top photographers and stylists. Listen as he discusses his career, offer tips on how to take yourself to the next level, and demonstrate the techniques that have made him such a sought after celebrity artist with clients including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, and Rachel Weisz.

The Business of Makeup
Mariett Carter Narcisse for Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

With one of the most diverse and long-lasting careers in the business, Marietta Carter Narcisse has a know-how that few posses when it comes to the business side of the freelance makeup and hair industry. In this essential business development session, Marietta takes us through the fine points of running your business including negotiating with clients, setting your rates, creating deal memos, invoicing and truly maximizing the level of professionalism of your business and career.

On Monday the 5th, here's what's waiting for you in Miami:

Keynote: Crystal Wright
30 Days at 100%

Industry business expert and agency owner Crystal Wright joins us with a very special presentation of her newest program - 30 Days at 100%. The innovative program begs the question: How would your life be different if you were striving to live at 100 percent, and then challenges you to complete the sentence, “I am 100 percent when…” in eight different areas of your life. In this groundbreaking program Crystal helps you to identify and manage yourself to your own 100 percent and insists that by eliminating bad habits, choosing to do something new, and refusing to take no for an answer from anyone, including yourself you can begin to achieve again, or for the first time in your life.

James Vincent
Kit Focus

The Powder Groups James Vincent presents his most popular workshop with this Kit Focus Seminar. Whether you are a veteran in the industry or just building your makeup kit this seminar will save you money, time, and a bad back by exploring how to make the most out of what you have while bringing the least amount of makeup to set.

Fred Vellon for MAC Cosmetics
Red Carpet Beauty

Working with clients who will be appearing on the red carpet requires a knowledge of beauty, makeup, trend and the ability to create a look that reflects that person’s personal style. Being able to create a makeup that looks good on camera, film and Hi-Def is essential to working in this area. In this very special appearance, MAC Senior Artist, Fred Vellon, will review the process for working with these clients and creating makeup that is ideal for red carpet and any special event or appearance for your clients.

Danielle Fonseca for Temptu
Airbrush Artistry with Temptu – Focus on Body

Join Temptu’s lead trainer, Danielle Fonseca, as she leads a seminar focusing on airbrush makeup techniques designed to conquer beauty, bridal, fashion, photography and hi-def television. Through a live demonstration focusing on application for the high-definition age, Danielle will center on airbrush cosmetics featuring our award winning S/B Makeup, Dura Makeup and Aqua Makeup.

Victoria Stiles
Marketing Your Career Online

In this unique and timely seminar, makeup artist Victoria Stiles provides insight to the developing a strong online presence. Victoria will help you develop the essential know-how to maximize your search engine optimization and use blogging and social media websites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to create the most relevant and strongest branding opportunity for your business.

Orlando Santiago
Working in Fashion and Music

Working in both the fashion and music industries requires a skill set that goes beyond beautiful makeup and includes dealing with agents, ego and an ever changing demand on your application.. Watch New York and Los Angeles based artist Orlando Santiago as he tells you how to transform your clients for their personal appearances, performances and everyday lives.

Michael DeVellis
PR, Publicity and On-line Promotion

This important event will help you develop an understanding of how PR works and how to position yourself, your work and your career in a way that is appealing to press, getting you noticed and mentioned in print and online media, and raising your industry profile.

William Edge
The Elements of Hair Styling: Tools Focus

In this intensive overview of the range of hair styling tools on the market, artist, educator and salon owner, William Edge, will demonstrate the three stages of styling performance: prep, styling and finish. In this session William will discuss the proper use of each type of basic hair tool, the right tools for different results and the selection of styling tools that are essential for a strong basic hair kit.

Danessa Myricks
Lash Focus

Understanding how to apply false lashes, lining the lash line and mastering your mascara application are an essential part of many makeup applications. In this session expert Danessa Myricks will demonstrate the skills that will separate you from other artists as you learn the tips, techniques and tricks that have made her one of today’s rising stars.

Leslie Christin
Beautiful Bridal Makeup

The Bridal makeup artist has their own special set of required skills and techniques that make them a class of their own. Cara Cosmetics Leslie Christin demonstrates the products and techniques you need to be a success in your own market and helps you understand how to make the most important day in any woman’s life a success for you.

Daven Mayeda
Detailing Your Work

Perfecting your technique, detailing your work and understanding control and precision in beauty makeup applications for everything from bridal to red carpet, commercial work to film, television and print is essential for becoming a well known or well respected artist. Learn to make your makeup more beautiful than ever and see how understanding the fundamentals and paying attention to the small details can make your application precise and perfect.

Sarah Lucero for Stila Cosmetics
Stila Style - Editorial Makeup

Sarah Lucero, Director of Artistry for Stila cosmetics, introduces you to the signature style that has made Stila a leader in the makeup market. Sarah will focus on working with color and matte texture in Editorial situations and introduce you to her favorite products from the Stila line.

Orlando Santiago
Keying a Project

When you are left with the responsibility to make it all happen, from hiring artists to designing a look and ensuring its execution is flawless by your entire team, the work goes beyond just being a strong makeup artist and you take on the role of manager, designer, teacher and even therapist. Orlando takes you through the process and the critical do’s and don’ts of keying any project - from film to an editorial shoot, bridal work to a fashion show.

Keynote: James Vincent and Guests
Working In the Makeup Industry

In this panel discussion, representatives and artists from a variety of areas in the industry talk about what you will need to do to become a successful agency, union or editorial artist. Discussion clarifies the role of the artist in all aspects and also includes facts and opinions on building your book, branding your name, assisting top artists and what you need to do to become a superstar makeup artist today.

And that's just in MIAMI!!! However, if you know Michael DeVellis, you know that he's not doing ANYTHING small potatoes:) So he's gonna go ahead do it again in Chicago!! Yuppers!! On October 10th and 12th there's another summit for you:) woo hoo!!!

They've also teamed up to make travel and accomadations much much easier for us all! How can you pass THAT up?! Seriously, can you?? I'm thinking..no..

Lookie Loo at what else they've posted on their site:


Ummm.. what?! Yeah! Exactly :) So, now we can all check into which deal would help us the best and be there with bells on!

Be sure to bring your notebook, brushes, attention span, questions, camera and positive attitude!!! Don't poo-poo on your own parade:)

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