Monday, September 14, 2009

The Powder Group Has Goodies For You

Ever wanna be in a magazine?? Don't lie, you know it would be cool! lol.. Well, now is your chance to showcase your talent on "On Makeup Magazine".. Seriously, I'm not kidding..

Turns out, the Spring 2010 issue is under way. So, Michael DeVellis is extending this offer to the pro-makeup community. In his words " We've held a special place in this issue for multiple-page beauty stories created by two new artists and The Artist Summit brings you the chance to be one of these artists!"

So.. now here's your chance to bring along a photo and short bio on who you are, what you do, how to contact you etc.. Yes, you actually have the opportunity to get yourself into this here magazine..

How do you DO that you ask? You ATTEND the Artist Summit!!!!! Here goes the info:)

At the Artist Summit Saturday October 3rd in Miami and Saturday October 10th in Chicago, for $65 you can attend "Career Night" from 4pm - 8pm.

Here is the info from their email for ya:)

"Career Night is an opportunity for you to show off your work to industry experts, artists agents, brand owners and educators. All will be on-hand to give you career advice, critique your portfolio and answer the questions about the business of beauty that will make your career soar!

One artist will be chosen in each city to create their own multiple page beauty story in the Spring, 2010 issue of On Makeup Magazine! This offer is open to attendees of the Career Night portion of the Artist Summit events only - so get your photos together and come to The Artist Summit on Saturday evening for this special opportunity!

The offer is open to artists of all levels and the artist whose work will be featured will be determined by a panel of experts including The Powder Group/ On Makeup Magazine team and a selection of other industry insiders. The process is simple: Get your photos together, attend Career Night at The Summit and show us what you've got!

Get your work seen by thousands of influential businesses and artists this Spring by having your own feature in On Makeup Magazine!"

If you go to (click on the title of this blog post) you can purchase your tickets and not be left out of this fantastical opportunity.

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