Thursday, December 10, 2009


It seems that every one now adays is going green, vegan and au natural. One thing that you'll find many an article telling you is to verify that the products you're purchasing that promise such a claim.
In this same vein, I'd like to talk about a product line that I discovered while at the IMATS Toronto. It's called Evalyn. This product line was intriguing and as I spoke to one of the presenters I found it seems to really be all about the natural.

Evalyn is a product line that dates back to the Tang Dynasty of ancient China. Here's a little info taken directly from their website:

"Herbalists had discovered the orchid’s abilities to replenish itself, improve skin texture, and boost radiance, and developed an all-herbal formula only offered to the imperial family to help maintain their youthfulness.

This was highly adored by many empresses including the only female monarch in China Empress Wu, and daughter Princess TaiPing.

Combining traditional practice, culture, and modern innovation, Evalyn is about the strict practice of using absolutely no preservatives, no chemical additives, nor any fragrance to promote a healthy and natural choice"

Their presentation was as clean, their demeanor tranquil and their product line, flawless. Dr.Hu is a world renowned herbalist, acupuncture, professor and researcher.
His bio reads as follows:

"Dr. Hu specialized in neuroscience and endocrine; then later mastered pharmacology and life science at SRI. During his first 10 years of neuroscience research, he was fascinated by how closely it is related to the Chinese practice of acupuncture, in which he began extensive research studies.

Dr. Hu is also a famous TV and radio show host of "Understanding Chinese Medicine," which gains a global audience. He has found that many viewers - both men and women - share the same interest in staying healthy and having beautiful skin. He then began developing Evalyn's herbal formula to offer a solution to healthy-looking skin."

The scent of this gentle formula is that of Orchid; a fragrance that is known to have calming properties. The Orchid itself is known to give energy and has the ability to replenish itself, has purifying and brightening properties as well. This skincare line has no preservatives, chemicals or fragrance. It was sought after by ancient Chinese Empresses because of it's wonderful scent.

The cleanser acts as both a cleanser and exfoliator. Talk about cutting down on your skin regimine time!! And if you leave it on longer than 5 minutes, it acts as a MASK!! Dare I ask it to multitask even MORE?! Yowza!!

Because it's a non-lathering powder (just add water to activate it), it doesn't have a need for any preservatives. Its claims to being all natural, are in face, true! Huh.. go figure.

This product can be used on all skin types and will definitely calm your skin into submission. You will see a radiant glow shine through that you're not likely to find anywhere else.

This product is available in two different ways. You can purchase the 7 day clear skin challenge for $9 CAD + tax (and even fit nicely into those stockings) or you can go with the larger Evalyn Orchid Nourish that runs you $32 CAD + tax.

You really have to try it to understand what I'm saying so if you're scetchy, take the 7 day challenge and see for yourself:) Personally, I tried it there at the show and could tell the difference right away.

This holiday season, give the gift of clean, naturally clean skin:)

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