Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Ideas for You:)

As the holiday's fast approach, some of you might be at a loss for what you should give different folks on your list:)

So, to give you a li'l help, here are some gift ideas that you can run right out and wrap with a bow!!

For men or women!! Xbox 360 is good times and high fives just WAITING to happen!!

It's entirely too cold out to not have cozy somethings to lounge around in!! These can be found at GAP!!

Nuff said ya'll:) Who wouldn't want a gift card to Starbucks so they can get their own peppermint soy latte something or other.. (Yeah I don't drink coffee so I'm at a loss, but HOT CHOCOLATE is also sold here:) )

All year long, we do our best to be the best "us" we can be. Now, after all of that Christmas shopping, family gatherings, shoveling and all around "stress", who couldn't use a massage. How bout a day at the spa?? Too much? How about an hour?

Ok this li'l do-dad is on MY Christmas list in PURPLE!! Yah baby! It's the Jawbone Prime in the "ear candy" line! Sooo super-dee-duper sexy and a rediculous noise assasination capeability!!

Now these are kind of pricey for me right now, but one day I too will own one of these beauties. I spend HOURS at Barnes and Noble/Borders reading, and spend so much on books. If only I had one of these bad boys to allow me to bring my magazines, newspapers, books and work with me in one little tablet? aahhhh.... simplification is key:) Holler @ the Kindle!!!

I'm fortunate enough to be the proud parent of a Palm Pre. I lalaloove my phone and don't know what I ever did without it. I DON'T however have a Palm Stone and I have to say.. I NEED IT!!
So this too is on my list:)

Size does matter!! So whether it's the new Macbook Pro or the small little Netbooks, there's one size for all. It's never been easier to tote around your computer from place to place and stay connected with the cyber world.

Hottest new Kodak video camera!! yup.. Bing it, Google it, learn about it, love it!!

IPod touch!! Nuff said.

Digital cameara for the ages:) Look at how sleek and sexy they are?! Can you STAND it?!

If the Ipod isn't quite your steez, why not try a Zune player?! "Music, makes the people, come together" .... LOL

No one ever gets tired of candles!! They can be found ANYWHERE for a wide range of prices:)

VCR? What? DVD Player.. ok.. but BLU RAY?! This is where it's AT!! Make no mistake, blu ray is FIYAH!!

For makeup artists, makeup junkies, makeup users.. they'll all appreciate these hygenic little wonders created by Roque Cozzette. They're just WAITING to help clean up your world!!

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