Monday, December 28, 2009

Rouge Makeup Studio Does it Again!!!

As though they don't do enough all year long.. Lookie Loo what the fabulous-ness that is Rouge Makeup Studio is doing just for YOU!!! (What a way to start off the year!!)

It's the Rouge Makeup Studio Post Holiday Sale Event where you can receive a 20%-90% off of all cosmetics and skincare products.... Yep, you read that right.. go ahead.. re-read it..I'll wait... LOL

Now there is a catch.. This fan-ta-bulous sale is only January 10th and 11th 2010 from 12-6 @ their Manhattan studio!! So.... Save ur pennies, get your Christmas money together, grab a friend and make sure you don't miss this huge-o sale-o!!!

Their glam-a-licious studio can be found at 1123 Broadway (at 25th street) Suite 1002 NY NY 10010. On one of these days (Sunday) the 1123 entrance will be closed so you'll have to go to 1133 Broadway, take the elevator to the 2nd floor to the second set of elevators and theeenn take one to the 10th floor). It's all very "Secret Agent" but you don't need to bring an egg and know the secret password..LOL..

This grand event is open to all professionals and makeup lovers!! While you're there, be sure to inquire about their upcoming classes! You can also visit for more information and sign up for their emailing list:)


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