Thursday, January 7, 2010

Internet Help for all o' ya'll

With so many different place to advertise your services, your talents and your portfolios, it can be hard to decide which to do first. Here's a li'l something that might help you all:)

First, you're gonna wanna do a Google or Bing search for "free advertising websites. There are A LOT so be sure you're doing this with plenty of time and patience. Seriously, rush through this process and you're only jipping yourself.

Next, write down or make a spreadsheet of all of the web addresses so you can refer back to them later. Be sure to have a ready and waiting bio and samples of your work in a separate folder to refer to.

Now you're ready. Simply sign up for these websites, make note of which ones you've applied to (so you can frequently visit and keep your status active) and then begin making profiles on each and every page. Seriously.. this process can take over a week. It can be tiresome, boring and tedious. You have to really want it.. I mean REEAALLYY want it. Iiiiiii do!

Now once you've done so, you're going to want to pay attention to the "meta-tags".. Make yourself "Google-able"... You want someone to type what they're looking for and be able to find YOU. However, you're going to want to be wary of over exposing yourself. As Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are experiencing now, you don't wanna be considered "Spam"... If you flood the Internet with your meta-tags you can be black listed and you DON'T WANT THAT!!

Well, I'm sure this is enough to get you up and running. Ready... set... GOOOOO!!!!

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