Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spring 2010 is no time for the Meek

I understand that there are many of us that are under the threat of an impending snow storm. There are others that are basking in 70 degree weather (you know who you are!! LOL). However, for all of us, Spring is on it's way whether we're ready for it or not.

Ahhh Dolce, what can you say about these two?? Dolce & Gabanna can always glam up and bring back a classic look. The Marilyn-esque Scarlet wearing scarlet... Fabbuuuu!!

Kind of frosty, kind of spring. It's plain to see that both ends of the spectrum are going to come into play this spring. No middle ground here people.. Lets DO THIS!!

Looking natural is ALWAYS a good way to go. Looking like yourself with a little extra punch. Get on this and pretty up your makeup case:)

This look by Dolce & Gabbana is Spring time enough to be summer forward. It screams sexy, with a touch of innosence. Thank you D&G:) xo

Estee Lauder is most certainly left in the wings on this one either. This Spring 2010 collection is enough to make me want to run out to the store and pick it up. I mean would you just BEHOLD THE PRETTY of it all?!

Spring cleaning has GOT to happen and more importantly SPRING SHOPPING also has to happen!! So don't be scrrrd, roll ur sleeves up and ditch the old and bring home the new:)

Lets continue on with Nail color.. Simple, not a big spending needs to happen, however an introduction of COLOR has to happen.

I guess you COULD always stick to the safe French Manicure, but WHYYY when it's so easy and fun to change up your nail color for the "Funner"..LOL..

Violet but not, red but not really, irredescent as can be yuppers!! Gotta LaLaLove a polish that changes when it feels like it..LOL..

The classic, beautiful, vavavoom Red.. Makes you wanna be a hand model :) It's all types of timeless and is really a MUST HAVE whether you're a "French manicure" girl or not.

These darling little bottles, hold darling little colors which are perfect for you not-so-bold ladies who still would like to partake in the springtime fun that is colored nail polish. Choose your color, or colors and change them every week till summer time hits:)

Leave it to Chanel to bring you the best of the best. With these new putty colors you can change your color, your style and your attitude with one fell swoop:) Gotta love it!! and well.. I do!!

Coming soon... Spring 2010 Hair Trends!! Stay tuned lovies:) xo

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