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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Makeup Show - NYC

As you may all know (and if you didn't know, now you do), May 17th & 18th was The Makeup Show presented by the Powder Group in NYC. It was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion and of course, I was soooo there.

Now, I bet you think you can imagine the grandeur of such an event but I assure you... you can't. Unless you've actually been there, you just can't possibly grasp the magnitude.

From the moment I walked in, greeted by the Makeup Show staff, it was a whirlwind of makeup madness. Michael DeVellis really outdid himself this time.

First stop, TPG Pro!! That of course stands for "The Powder Group Pro". Yup, signed up for 2 years. Let me tell you about this here membership because after I do, you're going to be signing up too.

With this membership, check out what I get:
  • Annual State of the Industry Report
  • Members pricing on all education from the powder group
  • Complimentary regional listing
  • Members only free events
  • Members only quarterly newsletter
  • Industry partner benefits
  • Discounts on the powder group merchandise
  • Member rates for one on one and career development sessions
  • Exclusive members only facebook community
Yeah man!!! All this for $125.00.. Seriously, you just can't beat it!!

Anyway, moving right along..

There were soooo many vendors, if you didn't keep yourself organized and on track, you could get spun around, caught up and end up leaving without purchasing, seeing and learning from the people & places you meant to. Wow holy run on sentence batman!! LOL...

I was fortunate to have been able to bend the ear of some amazing, iconic and successful people. From executive directors, founders/CEO's, makeup artists, agents and more. I went from station to station picking up things I needed for my kit and for myself. I listened intently and learned an astonishing amount of information. I felt I connected with so many other artists. It was fantastic. Dany Sanz, Davis Factor, Nathan Johnson, Kett Cosmetics, OCC, Mario Ink to name a few.
Maxi was both entertaining and educational. Yeikov told it like it was for Yaby. Joe Pearl (for Eve Pearl) took the time to explain the cosmetics to me with a smile. Showed me the very kit Eve travels with and even let me in on some products that are coming soon.
(Yes I am holding her's idea..Thank you JOE!!)

It really did feel like I was surrounded by my makeup artist family. Let me tell you, with the amount of people that were there, it could have easily been soo different. Somehow, the vibe was inexplicable. Everyone truly wanted to help you, get to know you and converse with you.

Here are a few photos to show you the fun we had that should be had by all:) Doncha just wish you were there too?!?