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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinair Airbrush Workshops

Well, true to form, I'm bringing you yet ANOTHER workshop for you all to take advantage of. This one is a doozy and I'm thinking of attending it myself. Waiting to see how my schedule and my SCHEDULE($$) works out..LOL...

Dinair is a leading seller in airbrush compressors, airbrushes and airbrush makeup. They teach classes on how to use their products and help you get to the next step as far as your business is concerned. If you're interested in airbrushing to simply apply makeup to yourself, this is STILL soo the way to go.

Here's some information that I've gathered directly from their website for you...

Pro Workshop - Manhattan NY
Train with the world’s leading experts and the originators of beauty, high definition, camouflage, paramedical
and daily wear airbrush makeup.

Dinair has taught hands-on Professional Airbrush Makeup training classes and workshops for over 15 years in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

You will Master the makeup skills needed to be a successful airbrush makeup artist, in a high definition world.

Airbrush Makeup Classes Workshop

Dinair Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist Workshop
2 Day Advanced Airbrush Makeup Course
The professional workshop is the result of over 15 years of ongoing airbrush makeup training classes.

"We explain each technique. We demonstrate. You practice, and master, as we guide you.”

Learn Airbrush Foundation, cheek, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, eyebrow hairs and lips.
• Produce high definition quality makeup quickly, consistently and confidently.
• Helpful camouflage and paramedical techniques for face, body, scalp and hair.
• Stencil techniques and applications for beauty, medical aesthetics, fashion and fantasy.
• How to do your own Dinair makeup.and how to teach others to Dinair themselves.
• Airbrush Moisturizing and Sunscreen. Why we moisturize (over our makeup) after the makeup.

• Dinair Beauty and Airtan System - color principles, artistic strategies and techniques.
• High Definition TV makeup that works
• Matte to sheen, blending and contour
• Opalescent and glitter effects
• Transparent to opaque and multi-shade micro-pointillism™ coverage method
• Cover, lighten or create freckles, age spots, birthmarks, veins, lines, wrinkles and bruises
• Stencil and application technique for eyebrows and eye shadows.
• Avant-garde makeup and stencil effects
• How to airbrush your own makeup
• Transparent to opaque and multi-shade micro-pointillism™ coverage method
• How to virtually eliminate touch-ups
• Cover and camouflage tattoos
• Easier, faster and coverage that feels extraordinarily light
• Men’s techniques for print, TV, film, and wedding
• Learn how to cut your own stencils
• 6 and 12 airbrush systems
• Operation and maintenance of Dinair systems, airbrushes, hoses, manifolds, CO2 tanks – hands-on training

Register Today!
Toll Free 800-785-4770

***They're running out of room though, so get in asap!!***