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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eve's Eye Candy

Hello loyal readers:) I'd like to introduce you to Heather Eve. She is the creator and owner of "Eve's Eye Candy". I had the pleasure of working with Eve on her photo shoot. You wanna talk about DOWN TO EARTH?! This girl is IT!!

We can all see that she is beautiful, but to actually have hung out with her for the day, and seeing her passion for her work, you can just see this girl is going places.

For those of you who know me, you already know that when I am enthused by something, I tell THE WORLD...LOL.. I just can't help it. So I'm here to tell you about Heather and invite you to visit her website and ogle all the pretty pieces of hand made jewelry that this pretty girl made.

You want a unique gift for the unique person you love? Male or Female, Heather has just the bobble for you.

he following information was taken directly from her website as I couldn't have said it better myself:)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.... Eve's Eye Candy... (hold for applause..LOL)

Heather Eve began her adventure into the world of fashion at the age of 17 when she attended the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising. In her last year of school, she designed and handmade a custom corset for her advanced pattern making class. Not only did it attain recognition from fellow students but was highly encouraged by her instructor to take it to boutiques to sell.

The first boutique Heather walked into ordered 40 custom corsets! After making a corset a day for over a month she decided to make her designs more exclusive. So for the next year and a half she made one of a kind corsets for special orders only.

The corset trend was starting to fade and Heather was on to the next big thing, crystal couture. Heathers line, Hot Toddies, consist of shoes, cell phone covers, Zippos and picture frames all covered with individual Swarovski crystals. Each pair of shoes had around 1200 crystals! It was extremely tedious work and Heather dominated the market.

Bio_2Continuously on the move, Heather started a new adventure in 2008, beaded jewelry. What started out as a hobby brewed into her new business venture, Eves Eye Candy. Simply wearing her creations out of the house gained peoples attention.

Heather attended Precious Metal Clay classes is New York City to further her education in jewelry making.

The sky is the limit for Heather Eve. Along with launching her website in July of 2009, she is offering Precious metal Clay parties for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers or simple get together. She has completed the Rio Grande Precious Metal Clay certification program and is eager to spread her knowledge!

One of her biggest fulfillment's in life is seeing one of her creations on someone. Also the faces on others when they see their creations finished. In Eve’s eyes no matter how hard times are, everyone deserves a little eye candy!

To be taken to her site, click on the title of this blog:) Happy shopping!!!