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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Action On Film International Film Festival

Thaaaaatss right readers.. A film festival is coming to a town near you. Wish I was closer but I swear one day I'll make it out to Cali to attend these fabulous events!! In the mean time.....

The event I'm talking about THIS time is the "Action On Film International Film Festival". Yuppers!! From July 24-31 in Long Beach California, you too can take part in this fantastic film festival. And who doesn't like ACTION PACKED FILMS?! That was rhetorical cuz I know EVERYONE loves action packed films!!!

Lemme give you a li'l history on the AOF. Here's some information I took directly from the website:)

"The AOF Fest began in 2004 and once we got started, we never looked back. We have assisted a number of filmmakers get their careers started, (Read the Mark Mahon interview)- from nothing to producing 20 million dollar films is no small achievement, but Mark did it.

Our first produced film, SPLIT was a winner at the 2007 Great Lakes Film Fest and our new production, TAXI MAN is sure to be a hit as well.

Our sponsors have come out in full force to support our audiences and filmmakers and we look forward to even bigger parties, events and awards this year.

The Action on Film Festival is dedicated to filmmakers and to film making. We have developed a program that supports artists and creators and allows them a voice via their work. We have showcased and will continue to showcase, talent, innovation, edge, new voices and YOU. In addition, we have begun a program to further support filmmakers through associations with CustomFlix, DiscMakers, Trinidad and Not only do we want to help you show your work, we want to help you make real profits from your labor.

Action On Film is more than just a film festival, it is a community with members from all over the globe. We extend to you, the filmmaker the opportunity to show your work and to share your dreams with an audience that is ready to stand up and put their hands together, for you."

Now, all YOU readers have to do is simply click on the title of this posting to be taken directly to their website. This way, you can get tickets, show times, exact location of the festival and off you go! Yet another thing to do in sunny California!!!

So have fun! Bring your business cards with you:) Network your hearts out!! I'm so happy for you and only a li'l bit jealous..LOL..