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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Powder Group Workshops

Well, The Powder Group does it again:) Not only have they brought you workshops, but for those of you who are TPG Pro members... some of them are FREE!! Yep! Can you STAND it?!

If you have considered becoming a TPG Pro member and just haven't gotten around to it yet, THIS is just one of the many examples of why it's a good idea... WE GET GOODIES!!! LOL...

Anywhoodles, Let me tell you what Michael DeVellis and James Vincent have in store for you THIS time... I'm giddy just thinking about it...teeheee:)

The following information comes directly from The Powder Group:

photo by Brandon Showers

The Powder Group is pleased to announce the following summer events and appearances by TPG Founder, Michael DeVellis and Director of Artistry James Vincent!!

Makeup 101
Three days of artist and industry essentials that will change your career, craft and confidence forever.
On day one, Michael DeVellis will take you through the ins-and-outs of the professional makeup industry including marketing, branding and working in different areas of the business. Days two and three bring the artistic side of the industry to the forefront as James Vincent takes you through application and technique with hands-on practicals to fine tune your work. Great for all levels of experience.

For registrations or more details contact:

New York City: Makeup Forever Studio- NYC SOLD OUT!
Saturday August 1st-Monday August 3rd

Los Angeles: Naime's Beauty Center - LA
Saturday August 22-Monday August 24

Marketing Your Career Now
FREE for TPG Pro Members
The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine Founder, Michael DeVellis returns with this updated version of The Powder Group's most popular events:
Marketing Your Career!! Learn how to update your basic marketing tools and how artist marketing has changed over the past few years and how social-networking, blogging, web development and marketing have changed the way you need to market yourself and your work!
Free for TPG Pro Members, $65 all others
Paid Event Registration Contact:
TPG Pro Free Registration Contact:

New York City: Temptu Studio-NYC
Sunday August 2nd 12-2

Los Angeles- Temptu Studio- LA
Sunday, August 23rd 12-2

Trend Presentation- Free Event Sponsored by Korres Natural Products!

Korres Makeup Experts Master Class.
Sephora 5th Avenue's Mezzanine Space will be transformed into the ultimate beauty classroom. Guests James Vincent, Director of Artistry, The Powder Group and Michael DeVellis, Executive Director, The Powder Group and Editor On Makeup Magazine, will host a class dedicated to makeup experts and makeup artists, giving insider tips on fall trends and looks. This event is ideal for makeup artists, makeup junkies, and anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level!

Technique and trends for fall will be covered. Free to attend. RSVP required.

For registration contact:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make Up 101- The Powder Group

Come one; come all to The Powder Group's upcoming Makeup 101 Class for next month!! Who could ask for anything more?? Michael DeVellis aaaaaaaannddd James Vincent?! I mean...come on!! It's just a fabulous time waiting to happen. Be a part of this and take an active step towards fulfilling your dreams!!

Join Michael DeVellis and James Vincent for Three Days that will take your career and confidence to new heights.

The Powder Group's most intensive and insightful event- MAKEUP 101!!!

Seats are available for August dates in NYC and Los Angeles!

New York City August 1-3 Make Up Forever Studio 8 East 12th Street, NYC
Los Angeles August 22-24 Naimie's Beauty Center 12640 Riverside Dr. Valley Village

All you need is a $250 deposit to reserve your space for any of our Makeup 101 events this summer!

Event Details
Makeup 101 covers essential industry, artist tools and makeup product information, in depth so you can be the strongest expert on your career that you can be! We will review:

  • Industry Terminology- From tear sheets to your CV to HD, what do the key terms used on a daily basis in the business of makeup artistry mean and how do they affect you?
  • Getting Started- How do you go from learning about makeup artistry to actively working in the business, from assisting up to keying a project
  • Testing- How do you go about getting the strongest pictures of your work to showcase your skills to potential clients. Where to find models, photographers- how to choose the photos to use
  • Marketing and promotion- using photos, websites, business cards and more to promote your business in the most efficient and cost effective ways
  • Your makeup kit- what goes into a strong and effective makeup kit? How do you edit your kit per job? What will you need to be sure to keep as a must have in your kit.
  • Brushes- Review the most important tool you will use as a makeup artist. Density, Shape, fiber type and cleaning your brushes are reviewed
  • Tools- What are the must have tools every makeup artist needs to keep in their kit, how do you use them and what should you keep around just in case
  • Hygiene- what do you need to know about keeping yourself , your tools, and your products in the best shape possible, and how do you maintain the cleanest, safest work environment and experience for your clients.
  • Working with a client- Understanding how to create the most memorable experience for your clients, understanding non-verbal communication and what questions to ask before you get started.
  • Color Theory- The absolute necessity for every makeup artist to understand when considering every aspect of their makeup artistry. Color correction, choosing and mixing foundation shades, deciding on color product choices- all revolve around this critical aspect of makeup artistry.
Of course we'll take you through the pro technique and tips that will make the difference between doing beautiful makeup and being a great makeup artist. From basics to makeup for editorial and photography, and a thorough review of Hi-def. This is an intense review of the most important areas of application that every artist needs to know.

Beauty Makeup Application Including:
  • Preparing the skin
  • understanding skin type
  • foundation matching and application
  • color correction
  • using texture
  • highlight and contour
  • concealer and camoflauge
  • brow shape and application
  • eye shape and size
  • eye color application
  • eye lining- powders, creams and liquids
  • lashes- curling, mascara, false lashes
  • bronzers and blush
  • lips- pencils and lip color application
  • shading and lips
Variations on Beauty Including:
  • Makeup for photography
  • working in editorial beauty and fashion
  • understanding hi-def and how it impacts every makeup artist
Event Rates
TPG Pro member can sign up for any Makeup 101 event for $790- a savings of $200!!
A regular price $990.
A deposit of $250 is required to hold space at any Makeup 101 event. Supplies are provided . Space is limited to 12 participants. Individual days are available for $360 or $290 for TPG Pro members!

Atendees will observe demonstrations and participate in hands-on application of all makeup technique reviewed. Industry, business and career developement is covered on Day One. Makeup application technique is covered in Days Two and Three.

Please join us for Makeup 101 this season and spend your summer strengthening your craft and your business!

Registration can be handled by calling 212-627-7448 or get more information by emailing

Makeup 101 is produced by The Powder Group