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Monday, October 26, 2009

Crystal Wright

We all want to make it in our perspective field. As hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists etc, we all want to be on top already. It's not that easy however. Fortunately for us, we have people like Crystal Wright to help us in our quest to make it big!

As some of you may know, Crystal has decided to turn her sites to education over being an actual agent. With her years of knowledge and experience, she will be able to give a unique insight into our lives. It's not going to be hard to pick up useful tips and tricks, avenues to travel and materials to have after listening to her speak.

Now, gear up for her LAST CLASS FOR 2009!! Yep, you read that right. She's been such a busy bee with teaching her classes as well as teaching at the Artist Summit. Traveling all over and sharing her passion with us all.

Now, she heads back home to California to bring you:
"Packaging your Portfolio: Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Makeup, Hair or Fashion Stylist"
. It's Crystal Wrights LAST workshop of 2009! I can't stress that enough! So you'll be waiting some for another class to peer around the corner. She's a busy bee and her time is precious as is ours.

This all happens on December 5-6, 2009 at Area 101 Studios in Hollywood.
Guess what else?! OMG you'll NEVER guess!! Ok I'll tell you...

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist MAXI will join Crystal Wright Live for Industry Experts Panel on Sunday, December 6th, 2009 from 12-1. YES THEEEEE MAXI.. as in MAXI MAXI MAXI!!! You saw him on Blush and now you can see him in person and take in his "Max-ocity"...LOL..

There are exactly 15 SPACES LEFT! Not 16, not 14.. 15 people!! That's not that many slots so you're going to have to WANT to succeed and go after it.

There will be more panelists announced over the next 7 days so you can tune into Crystals website to get more information on that. I would suggest you subscribe to her website so these little tidbits of information come right to your inbox :)

Some of the questions that Crystal is sure to answer will be:


"Do I have to be in the union to work on a movie set?"
"What kinds of things stand out in the portfolios, resume's and websites
of the artists that you do hire?

"What's required of me to get into the union?"
"Under what circumstances would you never hire me again?"
"What are your pet peeves?
"What and how should I expect to get paid? By the day or the week?"
"What is it that a creative decision-maker is looking for in my book,
on my resume and on my website?"

"Can I bring my own assistants if I get hired for the job?"
"What 3 things can I do to make sure you will book me for a job a 2nd time?"
"Do you prefer portfolios, resumes or websites?"
"Do I have to have a cosmetology license to work on the set?
"What's the difference between working on a union or non union set?"
"What is meant by 'Right-To-Work' State?"
"Who pays for travel when a production shoots out of town?"
"What does it mean to work as a 'local'?"

This is in addition to any and all questions that you may have. You're going to want to write down your questions and bring them with you so that as they're answered, you can jot down the answers and use them to further your careers!! Click Here Ya'll to purchase tickets.