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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Makeup Art by Carmelle

Hello loyal followers and subscribers:) I've got a doozey for you today!!
I was re-reading my latest issue of "Make-Up Artist Magazine" (available at and I stumbled across a little blurb about an Australian makeup artist by the name of Carmelle Watkins.

Turns out this little talent has recently launched a website where makeup lovers of all kinds (from beginners to pro's) can register (for free) and download makeup tutorials. I thought this was awesome since clicking through You Tube videos can be a little annoying when 6 out of 10 of them are about makeup you would never actually DO.. grrr.. Don't get me started on THOSE!

Anyway, I visited her site and was very impressed with what I saw. You all know that I'm always open to learning new techniques from anyone willing to show them so this website was very refreshing. She teaches things like face shapes and makeup tools to even re-creating runway looks!!

She also allows for her registered users to send her their photos with details of their skin and hair and she will do a customized make-up face chart. She also includes info and advice specifically for them.

So there you have it, yet another FREE way to gain a little more incite to your craft. You can watch, practice and master things you never thought you could. Happy viewing!!

Here is a clip of her bio taken directly from her website:

"I started out working in the fashion industry, then travelled overseas. While working as a wardrobe stylist, I landed a job on a Phil Collins video clip in the Wardrobe Department. Upon seeing the makeup artist on the job, I returned to Australia to study Makeup Artistry. After my course, I travelled overseas again, this time working in London and the UK as a Freelance Makeup Artist for various music magazines.

On returning to Australia as a makeup artist, I have worked on Television, TVCs, Film, Photographic and now as an airbrush and body-painter, design beautiful faces, creating fabulous body works, using the airbrush and teaching the art of makeup."

click on the title of this blog post to be taken directly to her site!!