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Friday, March 28, 2014

Essentials for Every Aspiring Make-Up Artist

I've received quite a few emails and comments on how you too can become a makeup artist. Though im a big believer that practice makes perfect I realize that some of you may live in a state where a license or certificate is required in order to work and charge your clients. Though NYS isn't one of those states I dont want to be a "stateist" (yep it's a word...well now it is, lol) and assume everyone's state laws are like mine :)

That being said, there are some tools that I personally believe are essential in order to be able to present yourselves as professionals in the eyes of your clients. This is limited to actual products that can help you along in your career, I won't touch much on classes or education which is kind of a no-brainer. Im assuming none of you would have the audacity to see a cover girl commercial and suddenly think you too are an artist, lol. Trust me I've come across quite a few of those.

Anyhow, I'd like to start with my personal picks as far as books are concerned. Yes, im well aware that there are many to choose from but these in particular will benefit you ALL. The first, written by the amazing Crystal Wright.

This little bible will touch on so many different topics that will help you start/further your career. It can also serve as a reminder/refresher when you are brainstorming on ways to stand out amongst the ocean of other artists out there. It is a bible, trust me!

The second is also from Crystal Wright in the form of an ebook. It has got to be the most convenient way to tote her wisdom along with you!!

Both of these fountains of essential information will include not only tips and tricks but also interviews from professional working artists, stylists, and the like giving you first hand insight on what they've gone through, how they've paid their dues (cuz you KNOW you gotta pay them dues before you become ANYONE) and suggestions they have for you to make it in this glamour world we live in.

In reading both of these books I can tell you that, as with anything else, you have to really want it. You have to have the fire and the passion that it takes to make it doing what you love. Let me also tell you that these little gems also are filled with motivation so Crystal has really just gift wrapped success for you and it's up for grabs.

With samples of resume's, comp card suggestions, website, books and more. Honest to goodness, how can you even sit there knowing that your career is just WAITING for you to get into action???

I realize we may all work a "regular day job" because our MUA Careers don't yet hold sufficient monetary compensation for us to live off of just yet (lord why can't we can't all be Monifa Mortis or Joanna Schlip?? whyyyy?!). Ahem, sorry, just venting there, lol.. BUT we can do what we can to move forward and climb our way to the top :) There's plenty of room up there but you're not going to get there by procrastinating.

Visit her blog and learn more about how you can also be the best Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Manicurist, Stylist....YOU. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monifa Mortis

For those of you who may not have heard of Monifa Mortis; let me be the first to introduce you to a phenomenal makeup artist....

Monifa Mortis is a NYC based makeup artist who has been working in the music and entertainment industry for more than 8 years now. She graduated from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in Manhattan & has her bachelors in Science in Fashion Marketing. She attended the Paris Fashion Institute to study fashion marketing where she placed in the top 10% of her class.

To give you a li'l taste as to what she's been up to in her more than 8 years in the industry, I'll give you a li'l taste of the work she's done. Monifa has beat the faces of Gabrielle Union, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Kimora Lee Simons, Aretha Franklin and Jill Scott to name a few. (Seriously, there are WAAYYY more..LOL).

Monifa is also no stranger to TV shows and movies as well. She has worked on Regis and Kelly, BET, VH1, "Honey" (the movie), and Entertainment Tonight among others. Her work has been published in magazines such as InStyle, Vibe, People, Essence, Blender, Rolling Stone, O Magazine and the list goes on.. and on.. and on.. LOL.. You get the picture..

The reason I'm telling you all of this?! Well I'll tell ya:)

Some of you have the opportunity to LEARN from this Fantabulous Makeup Artist!! Yep.. That's right.. A workshop!!!! OMG Iiiiiii know! Can you STAND it?!

Ok, check it out, this is what she's teaching and where she's teaching it..

She will be teaching Print, Film & Television Makeup!!! Are you jumpin up and down yet? Well stop it and keep reading..LOL..

On October 11th from 10-4 at the Bennett Career Institute & C. Alan Advanced Academy, you will absorb and appreciate:
  • Hands On Classes
  • Q & A Live Demonstration
  • A full day of Print, TV & Film Makeup
What's it gonna cost ya, you ask?! Well I'm glad you did cuz this is ALMOST the best part!
She's only charging $150.00 for new students and $99 for returning students!!! To hold your spot.. just $50 does the trick..

Honestly, I don't know what gets better than THAT dealio right there!!

Now I know this does NOTHING for you if you don't know WHERE this place is.. So here's the address for your "jotting ease".. lol..

700 Monroe Street, N.E
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 526-1400

Don't say I never gave you nuthin'..LOL.. Cuz this is QUITE the opportunity!
Happy painting ya'll:)