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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come one, come all to the Sassiest little spot EVER!!

OK so this little pearl popped into my INBOX and I thought I'd pass this along to those of you who might be in the market for such a venue:) Makeup Artists, Designers, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Agents etc... Take note and pass it on!!

I've personally been to this magnanimous studio for the filming of a reality show that I did makeup for. It's even more impressive in real life!!

Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, TV & Film Recording Space.. You name it, this is the spot for you!!

Chacala is "the secret spot" a fashion brands choice!!

Fashion will always be a fast moving dialog : Whats out, Whats in, and Who knows about it.
Are you current ? Are you fresh ? Is your showcase or fashion event relevant to right now ?
Brands looking to be recognized for independent thinking, and cool fashion delivery should spend time at Event space and Media Venue "Chacala".

With room for a 140ft runway, media wall for sponsors, and access to an experienced in house production team,Chacala should be listed as one of your first venue visits.

No it isn't in the fashion district, but Chacala is still located on a pretty serious New York street called Broadway, close to all subways and easy to find.
Loading in equipment, staging,racks and gear is easy, and all their audio equipment
is already on site.
For more on Chacala event space request a site visit : 212 244 4464

Fashion Production Services : 212 244 4421
Chacala A secret spot
394 Broadway
NY NY 10013