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Friday, December 4, 2009

Adore Your Beauty Night with Sam Fine!

Ok, so don't you all jump at once... Ok, ok, JUMP!! LOL.. Here's an opportunity that you DON'T wanna miss out on! I'm talking about Mr.Sam Fine's class at Dex Studios. Yuh-huh!!

With the recent release of his DVD "Fine:The Basics of Beauty", Sam has been a busy bee. This is not to say that he's not normally busy, but he's definitely jam packed his calendar in order to come together with makeup artists and share his unparalleled talent.

When, prey tell, you ask? Why at Dex Studios in NYC of course:)
December 10th from 6:30-8:30 @ 244 West 30th street

For the bargain price of $65.00 per person you will receive:
  • A cosmetic demonstration
  • Autographed copy of "Fine: The Basics of Beauty" DVD
  • $25 towards makeup purchased @ DEX NY
  • Gift Bag
  • Cocktails
Click here to be taken directly to the registration site.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sam Fine

As though you all haven't been all over the web looking for quality craftsmanship shown to you by true professionals, I give you yet another one to subscribe to:)

Mr. Sam Fine has a You Tube Page! Not only THAT but he's also releasing a DVD for you to purchase and learn tricks and tips on how to do makeup like he does. Now, we all know that EVERY makeup artist's work will be different than the next but we can definitely use these tutorials and DVD's to enhance our own work. I dunno about you, but I am down right giddy about being able to learn from a master such as he. ooooweeee!!!

Recently joining Twitter, available on Facebook and MySpace ; Sam is definitely one to watch and "follow". Working with celebrities such as Queen Latifa, Iman, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, Fine is a sought after artist who never disappoints.

His new DVD titled "FINE: The basics of Beauty" is available at Why one wouldn't run out (or go to his website) immediately and learn as much as we can?!?! That's hypothetical people! Get there!! LOL..

Before you stray too far away from your computer, don't forget to subscribe to his blog:)

Um.. is it obvious that I'm a fan of FINE?! LOL....