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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Making your blog BOOM!

So, everyone knows that the future is the Internet. Heck, it's the present too! Everyone and everything is available online. It's actually a hard pressed thing not to be Google-able.
Ever notice when you meet someone, one of the first things they say before they part is.. "Are you on Facebook?" .. There's a reason for this..

Looking at how we all gather information, relax, entertain ourselves and others, it's all computers. Everything is online including BOOKS!! Look at the Kindle by This is a little doo-dad that needs to find it's way into my Christmas stalking this year!! Depending on which one you buy, it holds from 1500, to 3000 books, magazines, newspapers and BLOGS!!.. Yes people, even blogs are being advertised on this little contraption.

What does that tell you?! Anyone, anyone?? I'll tell you, it means you should have a blog!! Yep.. See, I've told you all before different little ways that can help you further your careers as makeup artists, designers, hair stylists, fashion stylists, models etc.. All I'm trying to do is help you all be better at what you already do and get NOTICED for it.

We can all be the absolute fiercest at what we do, but if no one knows about it, it doesn't matter. Those of you that know me know my saying "I'm my best cheerleader", or "I'm a networking freak" and it's the truth. You really can't put me in an area where I have the opportunity to meet and speak with people and expect me to sit in a corner by myself. It's just not going to happen.

Yes, some will say it's the fact that I'm an Aries, and that might have something to do with it, but I feel that it's because I believe in ME. I trust ME. I know that if I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. I give 110% or nothing at all. I won't do anything half way. I won't allow anything to have MY name attached to it if it's not what I consider THE BEST. I have to be proud of what I'm involved it or I'd rather pass.

That being said, I came across another bit of information that will help those of you who are in fact jumping on the blogging bandwagon with me, before it passes you by.

It's called, "7 Steps to Better Blog Entries" and it goes a li'l something like thiiiiisssss... HIT IT!! lol..

Let the Reader Know How You Feel

Show some attitude when applicable in your posting, after all it is your blog. Readers will enjoy your display of 'personality' and so will you since it will make your writing a lot more fun and therefore easier for you.

Keep Post Brief

Your post does not have to be article length but in fact it would usually be better that it isn't. A composition of about 250 to 300 words will work just fine. This will help maintain the readers' attention long enough to read the complete post and it won't be as much effort for you to write.

Riveting Headline

Do what you can to capture the readers attention. Since the headline will be the first things they see try to insure it is an accurate 'portrayal' of what the content holds for the reader.

When possible the use of shock or humor will work wonderfully but be sure to deliver to the reader what your headline may promise.

Be Passionate

A show of enthusiasm or passion in your writings will serve to get your reader more involved in what they are reading. If your tone sounds bored it is only natural that the reader will quickly adopt this feeling and probably quit reading.

Also if you are passionate or excited about what it is you're writing this will only make your efforts seem more like play and less like work.

Reader Friendly Format

Make your posts easy to read by following a layout that is easy on the eyes. Avoiding long paragraphs will lessen the eye strain of your readers.

The use of bold letters or underlining also makes it easier for the reader to scan your post for the highlights or important points of the post itself.

Also when possible, try to present your points in a listed fashion whether thru the use of subtitles, numbers, or bullets points.

Optimize Your Post

Consider what it is your post is all about. By identifying the main point of the post you can isolate and select keywords or keyword phrases. By optimizing your post in such a way you now have made it easier for search engines to find your posted material.

The end result when you properly optimize your post will be more readers will now find your post when they conduct a search for content such as yours.

More readers - sweet deal!

Ask For & Encourage Comments

At the end of every post ask readers what they thought of the information you provided. This encourages helpful feedback for you and more interaction by the readers themselves.

The feedback is something you can use to improve your blog while the increased interactivity by the reader will be more satisfying to them.

Your blog entries are the foundation upon which you will build your site. When you first create a blog your focus should be on any blog comments left at your site. There is no better barometer as to how your blog site is being received by readers online. By following the 7 blogging tips we discussed above you can position yourself to become one of the top blogs in your niche. There will be other techniques like the blog design, linking and SEO that will also help but remember it all starts with the content you put on the site.

As you can see,it's some pretty useful information. I subscribe to Site Reference because it's just good sense sent right into my inbox. Lets face it, if I could shop like that I would..LOL.. It's just easier than searching far and wide for useful information that can help you fabulous people do what you do:)

So, keep on keepin on ya'll. It's a dog eat dog world out there, but if we as artistic folk can pull together and HELP each other, instead of cold shouldering each other, we'll get far... fast!!

Hope this helped:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tips for Blogging

Lets face it, the economy is tough. We're all just squirrel trying to get a nut. It's slim pickin's when it comes to magazines and print ads because there seems to be 5 makeup artists for every 1 job out there.

Sometimes it's actually quite frustrating trying to keep money coming in on a regular basis. If you're not blessed enough to have your expenses and bills not rely on the gigs you get as a freelancer than you feel my pain.

I am always looking for the next thing to help myself out, and in turn, help all of you out as best I can. Lawdy.. we ALL need some help!

So, for those of you who blog, here's the info that I have for you: Ready? Then READ OOOOONN!

First you want to make sure that your blog has a direction. Yes it can be cool to have an online journal IF your life is SOOO interesting that people will want to read it. If you're blogging for therapeutic reasons then, more power to ya. If you're blogging for business and networking purposes, then you're going to want to take notes.

Ok, so direction. What do I mean by that?? What I mean is pick a lane and stay there. You want to brand your blog as a particular "chapter" that people can count on to find particular pieces of information. If you're all over the place, then people won't know what to expect when they come to your blog. For example, if one day someone clicks on your blog and it's full of useful information about say... fashion shows.. Then they click on your blog another day and it's about how tough your day was, your readers might be confused. You don't want them deterred from coming back to your blog because of inconsistency.

Secondly, you might want to make sure that you use "meta tags" so that people will find your blog through Google searches.

You're also going to want to sign up for "analytics". Google has a great one you can sign up for. What it is, is a way of keeping track of those who subscribe to your blog, how many hits and how long people stayed on your page, how many followers (though that generally shows on your front page if you've set it up like that). For quick reference you can also add a counter to your page so that you can see at a glance how many people have clicked on your page. That's mostly personal preference.

One thing that you may or may not have known about is how to make MONEY off of your blog.. Yeah!! You all perked up for THAT one didn't ya?! LOL..

Well, lets get down to brass tech. Making MUULLAAHHH off of your blog..
This information was something that I stumbled into and bookmarked to learn, and share with all of you loyal readers. It's from a site called "The Hyper Blogger". Good stuff, if you're into researching till you pass out..LOL..

Ok, here's the info:

Monetize Your Blog : Selling Ad Space

One of the most traditional forms of making money from any website is to sell ad space on your site. This tactic applies just as well to blogs as any other website, if not more so. But, because it has been around for so long, there are a couple of key concepts one should know before trying to sell-out the available white-space on their blog.

First: Web advertising has been around long enough that the sizes for different promotional graphics, buttons, or banners have become standardized. If you don’t know what the standard sizes are, advertisers will walk away in a heartbeat – it is the first indication that you don’t know what you are doing. And really, if you aren’t yet familiar with web advertising standards, you don’t know what you are doing. Lucky for you, it’s really easy to brush up on the standards. The Internet Advertising Bureau (aka IAB) has designated these Ad Unit Guidelines, to make it easy. If you want to see a graphical representation of the different Standardized Ad Unit sizes, you can check out this great compilation by SimplyGraphix.

Second: once you have an understanding of the standards, you’ve gotta know your site’s traffic numbers. That’s right, I said numbers… as in statistics. As much as I hate to admit it, the computer world is very much a numbers-oriented world. When it comes to advertising, the focus on numbers is increased ten-fold, if not more. As a website owner, you must understand the traffic that is coming to your site. You’ve gotta know the average # of daily visitors, the average # of repeat visitors, the average # of page views per visitor, as well as the average time spent on your site. All of these figures will be asked of you by your potential advertisers at one point or another, generally before the decision to buy your ad space is made. I mean, if you were trying to buy ad space on a website, wouldn’t you want to know how many eyeballs were gonna see it before you shelled out your hard-earned cash? Well, the same is true for any advertiser coming to you about buying space on your site. They want to be able to measure their results and their Return On Investment (aka ROI).

Luckily for you, there are free tools out there that you can use to help you track your site statistics. The easiest, and my personal favorite, is Google Analytics. It is relatively simple to get installed, especially if you are using the Google Analyticator Plug-in, and will begin tracking all sorts of data about your visitors. It’s pretty cool. In addition to being able to provide information about your site traffic to potential advertisers, your site statistics will also become a weapon for you to use in negotiating the right prices for your ad space.

Just remember, regardless of how much space is available on your blog, you don’t want to turn your visitors off by throwing too many ads in their face. Choose one or two spots where an advertisement might go, and then give good content everywhere else. Advertisers would rather pay higher prices for great placement than pay medium prices for placement among a bunch of other ads.


So, there you have it bloggo's and bloggettes:) <--- LOL!! That one just came to me.. I crack me up some times..LOL..

Anywhoodles, as you can see, there is some really good information out there (and right here) just waiting for you to find it and put it into action. YES it takes time, YES it's tedious, YES it can be frustrating.. and YES it's soo worth it.

Remember.. Invest in your craft, or find yourself lost in the shuffle.