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Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Holiday Ideas for You:)

Hey there my fellow loyal readers:) I thought I'd take a break from the norm and give you some of my personal opinion on some products that have recently come across my well... nose. LOL..

I'm talking about fragrances!!

With the holidays fast approaching we're all kind of wondering what we can get that special someone or even ourselves. We all like to smell nice and we ALLLLLL want others to smell nice..LOL. Lawdy, that's a story for another time... hahahaha..

So if you're wondering what's new in the wonderfully smellerific world of fragrances, lemme school you real quick:)

I'm not saying I'm the tell all end all of fragrance conessures however, I gotta tell you, I'm listing quite an array of fragrances for your smelling pleasure.

Whether it's a floral fragrance or a rustic earthy tone you're looking for, I know there are a multitude of choices. What better than to dress yourself up on Christmas Eve to spend time with your family and to be able to spritz yourself with your very own Christmas gift to yourself:) I dunno about you but I'm the best gift giver EVER! LOL.. I heart me:)

If on the other hand you're making your Christmas list for others to choose from, a fragrance, be it large or small will always top the list of favorites, ESPECIALLY if it's one YOU chose:)

When looking to give the gift that your mother, sister, grandmother etc will never forget, perfume is soo the way to go. Lets face it, next to makeup, perfume is the best way to be girlie even when you're not feeling so girlie! Yuh-huh it is!!

It is after all, the most wonderful time of the year:)

So happy shopping to you all:) Start early so you're not stuck shopping late!!