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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.. Isn't that what they say??

As Make Up Artists, we are taught that hygiene is ESSENTIAL. Keeping things clean is the ONLY way to ensure that your client doesn't contract an infection from dirty tools. This is why we all carry alcohol with us, as well as brush cleaner and hand sanitizer. (Or at least you all SHOULD be!!) ...LOL..

Who would have thought that the things we carry with us to keep ourselves and others free from infection would be the one thing that would/could infect us. Sheesh! That sounds like a no-win situation doesn't it? I mean for the LOVE!!!

Today I read this article that describes a recall on HAND SANITIZERS! The FDA did a raid on a manufacturing plant that they found to have contaminated products. The laboratory they raided was Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory in Utah.

The harmful bacteria that the FDA suspects has contaminated their products is one that causes serious skin infection and damage to underlying tissue.. WHAT?! Yeah! Can you believe it?
That's not all, these infections could lead to SURGURY resulting in permanent skin damage.

The FDA recalled the sanitizers back in June after a routine inspection where they found the contamination on top of having found violations. Get this!! The company refused to comply with the original recall direction of destroying all recalled products.

Here are the brands you're going to want to NOT USE!!!
  • Citrusshield lotion
  • Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment
  • three Skin Shield Brands
  • two Dermassentials brands
  • two Total Skin Care brands
So, to all you habitually clean people out there, make sure that you're family and friends know not to use those products.

We need to all stay happy, healthy and strong so we can WOW the world with our talent:)