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Friday, July 31, 2009

Trendstop People!! Learn it, Live it, Love it!!!

If you're anything like me, you like to know what's coming down the road as far as fashion, technology and makeup.. It might just be a sickness, but I feel I absolutely HAVE to know what's new and the next "big thing" in order to not become obsolete. LOL...

Besides, how else will I be able to bring you (my loyal readers) the best, newest and most helpful information?! EXACTLY!! Sooo, anywho, I did stumble across my latest addiction recently and I thought I'd share it with you...

You can think of me as your Make Up, Fashion, Health, and Technology pusher..LOL... :)

So, in my inbox today I was greeted with a wonderful "Good Morning" from Trendstop. What is trendstop you say??? Well, lemme tell ya. Trendstop is a website that calls themselves "Trend Analysis for Fashion Professionals".

Here's a little blurb from their website:

" is the trend analysis and trend forecasting tool of choice for fashion, creative and marketing professionals. For accurate, customer-focused fashion and lifestyle trend forecasts, market directions and key trend reports in an intuitive format try We're better. "

They bring you Trend Predictions, Runway Analysis, Store Reporting, Color Forecasts, Print and Graphics, Accessories.

You'll also get trends for emerging trends, street style, materials, footwear, street sport & Jeans, tailoring, knitwear, shirts, skirts & dresses, lingerie & swimwear, detailing.

Being that makeup trends change from season to season, I was in contact with Trendstop and asked them if they had a specified trend follower and they told me they did!!

So imagine getting the newest makeup trends right to your inbox. You would be THE makeup artist with the newest and freshest take on what's in right now. Enter catalog and magazine shoots!! HELLO!

With that said, I thought I'd bring you some trends that were sent directly to MY inbox courtesy of

To gather more information on, click on the title of this blog post to be taken directly to their website:)

The following information was taken directly from

spring 2010 catwalks
milan & paris menswear
Men’s fashion has never been so influential. Menswear continues pushing the possibilities of the modern man’s wardrobe, as well as inspiring womenswear this season. From S/S 2010 men's shows, we bring you 37,000 full view and product images, 750 pages of essential overviews and key trends in 14 product categories.

tapestry embroidery
The classic colorway and layout of this embroidered flower bouquet on sheer chiffon is reminiscent of a classic artisan's work produced on a frame and another example of feminine trends in menswear. The placement also reflects another emerging trend: attention to the backs of garments.

trendstop mobile solutions:connecting you to your customers

Major brands are increasingly using mobile phone applications to engage with their customers. Since Apple launched the iPhone apps store, companies have rushed to develop downloadable phone applications which connect to their online services. From retailers to publishers and e-commerce sites, major companies are recognising the value of putting their brand permanently on their customers handset, with product news, offers or purchases just a click away. Now trendstop's mobile solutions allow you to jump on this trend to build and publish mobile applications which are compatible with over 85% of mobile phones - not just iPhones!

Our self-publishing environment means your own design team can create applications. Our provisioning platform takes care of the complexities of delivering the optimum version of the application to the customers' handset. Add dynamic content feeds, from images to video clips and we'll adapt them to different mobile screen sizes to give your consumer the best possible experience. Integrate your loyalty programmes or your e-commerce and take advantage of our secure authentication to allow your customers to purchase directly from their phone. What you offer is up to you - we provide the tools so you can give your customers an exciting mobile experience!