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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aveda Does it Again

Here's an interesting article I found in my inbox today:) It's to do with Aveda, Estee Lauder's strongest selling brand. I'm sure that's not news to many of you but what I'm about to tell you just might be:)

Now we all know that everyone seems to be going "Green" and pushing for more natural products, organic food and recyclable packaging. It's a shame that it took the world's reaction to our poison to get everyone to start looking at these options less of an "option" and more of a "necessity".

All and still, there are many cosmetics companies out there that are doing their part to help out mother earth and.. well.. mothers..LOL.. Nah, it's for everyone, I just thought that was cute..

Anywhoodles, here's an interesting article that might interest you as well. As makeup artists, we all have to TRY to do our part to continue to deliver the best service we can, but also to do so with respect and awareness to ourselves, our clients and well.. our planet.

The following article was taken directly from their website:)

Aveda reformulates make-up line with natural pigments

By Simon Pitman, 23-Jul-2008

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Leading natural cosmetics provider Aveda has updated and expanded its Uruku make-up collection, opting for natural annatto pigment instead of synthetics.

The range now includes a new bronzer, an updated and reformulated lip pigment line, together with a new eye accent and cheek/lip crème, all benefitting from the use of the annatto, which is a powdered pigment derived from urukum and mica, and is a light reflecting mineral.

Aveda says that this pigment delivers lasting color for all skin types, with the added benefit of being naturally derived, reducing the risk of toxicity and other drawbacks associated with synthetic pigments.

Tapping into the bronzed look

Tapping into the fashion for bronzing products, the range includes the bronzer and accompanying brush made from cruelty-free taklon bristles.

The bronzer has been formulated to include the skin conditioning ingredient tocopherol, a natural vitamin E soy that contains powerful antioxidants, said to help optimize skin health and complexion.

As well as including the annatto pigment, the new lip pigment contains Brazilian botanical oils derived from organic babassu, maracuja and pequi. It is also fragranced with an organic essential oil consisting of vanilla, anis, cinnamon and mint essential oils.

The reformulated lip pigment range comes with the addition of three new shades - arrowroot, maracuja and sheer ivory nut, adding to the ten other shades that were already in the line.

Conditioning complex

The new eye accent product has also been formulated with the annatto pigment and benefits from protecting botanicals of organic babassu oil and a cupuacu conditioning complex, which comes in four shades.

Completing the range is the cheek and lip crème, which, together with the addition of the natural pigment, also benefits from the same botanical and conditioning complex as the eye accent product and comes in three shades.

So now that you have this information, you can't "un-have" it..LOL.. Hopefully you will ALL look into this makeup, even just to see how it works for your kit, clients and yourselves. It's worth a shot. At least then you can say you gave it "the old college try" and decide from there if it did or didn't work for you:)