Monday, June 15, 2009

Henry N. Jackson Fall 2009-2010 Fashion Show- BOSTON

30th 2009 was a day of days for me. I had the pleasure and the honor to serve as the makeup artist for Henry N. Jackson's Fall 2009-2010 Boston Fashion Show. Seriously, you can't even imagine what it was like. I will attempt to paint you a picture (and maybe even show you a

This grand event took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Boston. This hotel provided Henry's team with a 'backstage' area to prepare and a separate ballroom for the runway show. It was HUGE!.

Backstage with the help of P.R. representative Denise Smith, things ran as smoothly as canxpected. The ladies were punctual, respectful and eager. They listened to direction and were as professional as can be. Not that I expected any less, I mean they're models for crying out loud..LOL

The feeling in this room was that of excitement and tension. As they each tried on their gowns and arranged their overall looks, I was fortunate enough to witness a private fashion show. Seeing the glitz and glamor up close and personal was a rare treat. "You betta work"..teehee.. They soo did though, seriously..

I set up my area and was ready to go..
I was asked to speak with some ladies that were there for a workshop on becoming a runway model about makeup. (Essentials, types of makeup, proper runway looks, application etc..) This was a welcome change of pace for me. As I went about applying makeup to Henry's models I explained my makeup choices, application techniques & answered questions while trying to keep the whole thing light and fun. The ladies were so attentive. They asked questions, took notes and all in all seemed to go away with information they will use for future events.

One by one, each of Henry's models were dolled up and then dressed. Photo's were taken and tension rose as these ladies lined up, ready to take the stage. His creations came to life, swishing and draping so delicately. As they walked out, I could feel the goosebumps on my arms. There went my art and Henry's genius for all to see, judge and take in.

As the ladies hurried backstage to slip into their other looks, I could see the excitement in their eyes. Everyone pitched in to help everyone. We were all dressing and undressing the girls. Strapping on shoes and touching up their makeup. It was a true team effort.

Then.....the final walk. I scurried as fast as I could to the door to catch a glimpse of it. Each beauty, shining like a star next to the other. The room roared with applause. Henry's smile was big and proud. Unbelievable!

A job well done.

Soon after, the press swarmed around him in the newsroom and his models joined him. Interviews were done and photo's were taken as onlookers salivated at the thought of being able to bend Henry's ear even for a minute. It was thrilling to watch.

Let me take a moment to tell you the most memorable part of the evening for me and for many others.... Take this in because it was unbelievable..Ready? Wait for it........ wait for it........ ok, listen(read) to this...

Henry was one model short for the show. On the spot, he
asked a woman from the audience to stand in for him. She obliged. She was taken backstage where she slipped out of her clean tailored suit and into Henry's red sensational masterpiece. It fit like a glove and off she went to walk the runway. She worked it like it was her job, and the result??? Phenom!

This very happening is what almost single handedly
exemplified what Henry's designs are about.... Real Women. A real woman from the audience was able to walk the runway in a HNJ design with the models. There you have it.. a "real woman" (not a model) wearing Henry N. Jackson's couture for real women.

I rest my case.... for now:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Get where you wanna go, by learning from someone who knows what you need to know and has been where you wanna be. Did I lose you? LOL.. Ok, let me lift the veil. I'm talking about Crystal Wright!!

Any makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist worth their salt knows who she is. I'm simply here to update you on what's what:)

For those few who don't know who she is, let me share with you my little anecdote:

While at The Makeup Show in May I had the privilege and honor of making her acquaintance. She was at her booth with makeup artist Monifa Mortis. They were both so attentive and personable. Not that I expected anything less. Makeup artist after makeup artist, they listened intently, asked questions, answered questions and smiled the whole time.

As I waited my turn in line (yep there was a line) I watched in amazement. There were sooo many people at this event that it would have been understandable if she was burned out. Nope, Crystal's pretty smile shined as she signed books and encouraged artist after artist to follow their dreams.

That being said, let's move along to the goodies:)

Crystal Wrights latest book is called "Hair, Makeup and Fashion Styling Career Guide". The cover says it simply:
"All you need to know about getting work in Print, Video, Film/TV and Production Companies, Testing with photographers, Building a strong portfolio, Agency representation and making money in the Bridal Market"

And she's not kidding!!!

This book is so jam packed with information, it's almost overwhelming.... Almost. It's rare to find a source of information where the next thing you read is just as important if not more important than the thing before. Kind of like MY BLOG! (LOL.. ok, a little shameless self promotion, but Crystal would be proud..LOL)

Anyhow, whats more, it doesn't stop at the book. She also has DVD's!! Imagined not having to leave the comfort of your own home and still be able to hear this genius speak. Take notes, rewind, stop to go to the bathroom or get a snack and resume on your return. Does it really get better than that?!? Actually... YES! Check it out.....

Ms.Crystal Wright is holding 2 day classes in New York, Chicago, LA and Atlanta. Can you stand it?!?! She calls it "Two days, 24 Students, One Objective". This is a portfolio building workshop for makeup, hair and fashion stylists.

The following information was taken directly from her website. No one says it better than her:)


What You Will Get:

––Focused. Crystal will teach and show you everything you need to know about building your portfolio, creating comp cards, building a website for FREE while saving you thousands of dollars paying for bad photographers and prints that you can’t use. We promise to shave 3-4 years off of your learning curve.

––A 60-minute Question and Answer with industry experts that typically includes art directors, producers, production coordinators, agents, photographers and celebrity stylists (see panelist photos above).

––Opportunity to review celebrity artists’ portfolios from other agencies.

hour long quarterly group coaching sessions [via conference call] with Crystal and classmates to answer questions, discuss and find solutions for the challenges that arise and solve problems.

––Certificate of Completion.

––Job Opportunities.



Until you can get to her classes, order her book or DVD's you can get a taste of what she has in store for you buy clicking on the title of this blog. It will take you directly to her website where you can order her products and watch podcasts. There you will also find details as to the cost, payment plans (yep she knows times are tough and she's got a payment plan).

So, knowing this let me now tell you when and where:)

The Work Shop Schedule:
July 11-12, 2009- New York
July 25-26, 2009- Chicago
August 8-9, 2009- Los Angeles
September 18-19, 2009- Atlanta
October 17-18, 2009- New York
December 5-6, 2009- Los Angeles

So, get your calendars out and start scheduling!! Don't be conflicted, don't be nervous or scared. This is your FUTURE we're talking about. This is solid gold information from a woman who is hands down the fountain of knowledge for people in our line of work. I've said it before and I'll say it again....Invest in your craft, it's the only way to get where you want to be.

In the words of Crystal Wright herself, "And remember, it's real life. No one falls to the top"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Brows 101 for Make-up Artists and Students

Here a brow, there a brow, everywhere a brow brow...

We've all heard it.. "The eyebrows frame the face". As artists, we all know how important it is to have your brows and your clients brows properly groomed. With sloppy brows the look doesn't come together quite right. It's like wearing a designer gown with ripped dirty shoes. Destroys the outfit doesn't it? Then you have people pointing and laughing.. LOL..Don't be that girl (or boy for that matter)

Yeah.. so check out what Brow Guru Elke Von Freudenberg has come up with to help us all out.....

Next month on July 13th, 2009 from 5-8pm she will be holding a class called Brows 101. In this class you will receive personalized training from leading NY-LA celebrity eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg.

You can pre-register for this event (which I would advise because seating is limited and you NEED this class) by June 24th. When you do, she was sweet enough to provide you with $30.00 towards Pro Artist purchase of "The Model Brow" Collection (another must have).

I bet you're probably wondering what you will get out of this class. Well, silly heads here's what you get. This 3 hour seminar includes:
  • How to predict brow trends
  • Elke's brow analysis system. Designing & Shaping
  • The "No Stencil" approach
  • Different brow makeup application
  • Pro Program Application
Sounds great doesn't it? Iiiiiiiiiiii know!!! Ok so now lets get to pricing.....

If you buy your tickets at the door, your ticket will cost you $100. Yes, I did say $100. So, maybe that's not the option you want to choose.

If you purchase your tickets AFTER June 24th but before you get to the door, your ticket will cost you $75. Not bad. That's a $25 dollar savings!!! (Yeah I know you can do the math, I was just trying to make a point..LOL)

Now, if you do pre-register, you will get your ticket for the low low price of $65!!! I think the best choice is obvious here, don't you?

Click here to be taken to the payment/registration page: Elke's Brow Extraveganza Ok so you've decided when you're going to buy your tickets but you'd LOVE to know where exactly you're going..LOL.. I'm getting to that.. Here it is:)

Janet Rufin's Parlor
25 W 19th street
New York, NY 10011
This event is sponsored by

Now lets all thank Elke.. Thaaaaank You Eeeelllkeeee:)
Elke's Blog Click Here

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Makeup Artist Discounts

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

Shopping is soothing to most of us. Doesn't much matter what we're shopping for. Getting something new is always fun:)
It's also a great surprise to walk into a store and find that your favorite shirt or jeans is on sale. Something about a sale makes us all feel that we've done something good. We've just acquired something we probably would have bought anyway, at a deal of a price.
Does this make us stop shopping?? HECK NO!! This sale has just opened the door to us spending the mon
ey we just saved on something else.
Can you even IMAGINE being able to always buy what you need at a sale price?? As makeup artists we can!!! I kid you not... Check this out...

Did you know that many, many makeup companies offer professional discount programs? Yep, with just a simple application. Yes it's true that some have a membership fee but that's small potatoes compared to what you'll be saving.

Whats that? Where can you find them, you ask? Well I'm gonna tell ya...

If you go to any makeup company site, chances are they have a link to their discount program. Each company will specify what the criteria is to qualify. Once you've submitted the required information, they will provide you with your discount code. After that... TADAAAA.. All that's left to do is shop! You're now able to purchase what you would have purchase at full price with your makeup artist discount. (Are you getting goosebumps yet? I am and I already knew about this stuff..LOL)

If you happen to go to a makeup website and you don't see a link to a discount don't panic. Simply locate the "contact" information. Now, compose a professionally written letter and send them an email. Be sure to identify yourself and your profession and ask if they offer a professional discount program. The worst they can say is no so there really is no risk involved.

I have don't some leg work for myself and will share some of that information with you. Here are some of the sites that offer a professional discount:

That's all I'm giving you so you're going to have to do the rest of the homework on discounts all on your own:)

Now there are a superdy-duper amount of others and you should really just set aside time to research them, write up your email and send them all out. I also suggest that you keep all of the information you get from them in a spreadsheet so you'll have easy access to your information when you're shopping online. Remember, put your time and energy into your work, invest in your profession. This might seem boring right now, but in the long run you'll see how worth it it was.

Please keep in mind that just because you get a discount through the companies, it doesn't mean you will be able to get this discount at places like Sephora. You will have to purchase directly from the companies and if you're ordering online, there may be a shipping charge. Think of it this way, your little gift is going to come right to your front door. That's even better than going out to shop (especially if it's snowing).

This is not to say that your "paying full price for things" days are over, but every little bit helps. I don't know about you but I know I have a physical reaction to paying full price for things I could have purchased at a discount had I simply done my homework. It sounds something like "WHYYYYYYYYY AAGGGHHHHHH". Yeah, not pretty I know, so save yourself this agony, will ya? LOL

ooooooooo, now that you have this information there really is no excuse for paying full price to fill your train case. In this economy, can you really afford NOT to save some cash? That was rhetorical people.. I know the answer is no..LOL

Monday, June 1, 2009

"The Actor Bag"

Ladies & Gentlemen, Makeup Artists & Makeup Lovers, Readers & Writers, Do-ers and Don't-ers...LOL.. Ok I don't know what a "do-er and don't-er" is but it sounds funny doesn't it? LOL..

Anywho, (ahem...clearing my throat) I would like to present to you a nifty little do-dad that I never knew I always wanted & needed. It's called... Are you ready?!? "The Actor Bag".
This little beauty essential is a God send for all of you "on set" make-up artists and a great carry all for all of you non makeup artists.

This bag is genius because it has a palette with a magnetic bottom. Using this palette you can use any refill from any line with a metal tray. Imagine being able to customize your palette for your client or yourself having a foundation tray, blush, eye shadows and lip gloss all in one palette. Easy peasy right? Iiiiiiii know!

Now.... the bag that holds this faaaaaab palette also has other compartments. It has a space for tissues, your brushes, and other products. On the back of the case is a handy dandy elastic strap for a more secure hold. This simple yet necessary little addition helps to reduce the "droppage factor"... LOL.. Ok, that might not actually be a word/phrase but it's a "me-ism" so it

Imaging doing a trial run with a bride and being able to customize the palette with the colors you used on her. you just made her wedding day simpler for the both of you. The front of the bag has a clear pocket where you can either put your business card or the name of your client who's face is customized in this little contraption.

Now, what's more, the palette can be purchased separately! So for those of you who love to customize your palettes or if you own a school and are providing these for your students, the convenience is unbeatable.

Having the whole bag, however, forces you to be organized and in control of yourself and your products. All the while looking sleek and stylish.

The bag runs $49.95 and the palette alone runs $19.95. ***There is a 20% discount for professional makeup artists***

As of right now this magic bag can be purchased on the West Coast @:

Frends Beauty Supply
5270 Laurel Canyon Blvd
north Hollywood, CA 91607
(818) 769-3834

and on the East Coast @:

Alcone Company
322 West 49th street
NYC, NY 10019
(212) 757-3734

Now, if you're in neither of these locations but are savvy enough to realize that you NEED to own one or fiiiiiive of these bags (heehee), you can order online. Simply send your email to: