Friday, December 4, 2009

Look What I Found!!!!

Ok, so as I was perusing through different websites for tools and supplies to add to my stash, I came across the cutest li'l dodads and I thought I'd share with all of you just in case you had no idea they existed or where to find them.

Lipstamp Kit for Lips

The Lip Stamp is a great tool for applying lipstick in the perfect shape for you. There are 10 different shapes of stamps to choose from. The kit includes one Lipstamp tool, five playing cards with 10 different lip shapes.

Just pick your favorite Lip Stamp shape, apply your favorite lipstick and stamp on perfect lips!

An Alcone exclusive. As seen in the New York Post.

Lip Chic Lipstick Sealer

A 100% botanical formula creates an invisible totally flexible protective coating that turns any creamy, matte, or long lasting lipstick into smudge-proof, eat-proof, totally kiss-proof, perfect looking color that lasts all day.

Traveling Makeup Station

The portable makeup station is available for rent or purchase. It is a handy durable case that contains makeup mirrors with lights. It is essential when working in poor light or where space is an issue.

The makeup compartment tops flip open to hold brushes and smaller items.

Call us at 800-466-7446 to discuss renting.

Dimensions for case on wheels: 21.5" H x 24.5" W x 10.5" Deep

Dimensions for case without wheels: 19.5"H x 25.25" W x11.5 Deep

Japonesque MT-052 Brow Groomer Scissor
Pro Scissor & Comb Lifts & Trims Brows

The JAPONESQUE® Brow Groomer is the professional choice for perfect brows. The Groomer functions as both a brow trimmer and cutting shears. With the comb in place the brows can be combed upward and trimmed with the opposing scissor edge. Without the comb, the exposed blade and scissor edge act as a precise cutting tool. Custom crafted with easy-to-hold rubber grips and a handle that ensures amazing accuracy, this unique Groomer lifts and trims brows in one easy sweep.

And with this I say..... "Dear Santa......"

Adore Your Beauty Night with Sam Fine!

Ok, so don't you all jump at once... Ok, ok, JUMP!! LOL.. Here's an opportunity that you DON'T wanna miss out on! I'm talking about Mr.Sam Fine's class at Dex Studios. Yuh-huh!!

With the recent release of his DVD "Fine:The Basics of Beauty", Sam has been a busy bee. This is not to say that he's not normally busy, but he's definitely jam packed his calendar in order to come together with makeup artists and share his unparalleled talent.

When, prey tell, you ask? Why at Dex Studios in NYC of course:)
December 10th from 6:30-8:30 @ 244 West 30th street

For the bargain price of $65.00 per person you will receive:
  • A cosmetic demonstration
  • Autographed copy of "Fine: The Basics of Beauty" DVD
  • $25 towards makeup purchased @ DEX NY
  • Gift Bag
  • Cocktails
Click here to be taken directly to the registration site.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just my Two Cents

Just filling you in on my review of the hotel I stayed at in Toronto

The King West Hotel and Residence.

The trip to Toronto was not a difficult one. The thought of stepping foot in another country gave me goose bumps. I don’t travel outside of the US much so every chance I get to is quite the “Moment” for me. Yes I know it’s more than a moment, but you get the idea.

The train ride was a long one (at least it felt long with all the stops). Business class was nice, but the seats were definitely more comfortable in Coach. LOL… I sat there first and was then told that business class was in another area of the train. So up and walking I went and got to business class only to find that the seats were made of tough hard leather and were not very comfortable on my back side. Not to mention that its soo much smaller than coach and everyone wants a window seat (yep I haaave to have a window seat) that everyone scrambles to get to one. Ugh. I hope it’s really empty when I’m headed home.

Anywho, when I got to Toronto, the train station was REDICULOUS!! It was soo big it felt like an international airport. I reached the top and exited the big brass doors into the city. I was happy to see that it looked just like Manhattan ;) I wasn’t sure what to expect so being greeted with a place that looked so much like what I’m used to seeing was nice. It definitely made things less scary.

Luckily the taxis were lined up right outside of the train station. I was at my hotel in 5 minutes. (Oh and FYI, if you give a Canadian cab driver American money, he doesn’t give you the proper change). He gives you what it would have cost in Canada, and THIS particular cabbie, took it upon himself to keep a tip and give me change from THAT. Never mind leaving it to me as to how much he would get. Ugh... the nerve!

Anyway, the hotel was soooo beautiful. I stayed at the King West Hotel and Residence in Toronto. It’s where the IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) had acquired discounts for attendees and exhibitors. Honestly they couldn’t have picked a nicer hotel. The photos on the internet just don’t do it justice. The Ferrari’s and Mercedes in the parking area were just a hint of what I was to find inside.

The glass and brass doors opened on their own to welcome me into the expansive lobby. The marble floors and gleaming accents sparkled almost as much as the tall Christmas tree in the center of the room. The small bar in the corner catered to people who all seemed to know each other for ages.

The guest services desk representatives were ready and eager to help with check in and all questions those checking in might have had. A smile on each of their faces as they explained the keys, breakfast and amenities offered. I checked in and made my way to my room. When I walked in, it was EXACTLY as the picture on the internet had depicted except cozier. The far bay window area housed a desk with a lamp and a view of the city that just took my breath away. The kitchenette came equipped with a fridge/freezer, sink, stove, coffee maker, toaster, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, plastic storage containers and a microwave! WHAT?! Iiiiiiiii know!

The bathroom came with a large tub and separate shower. The vanity held all my bathroom essentials and even had storage room in drawers and cabinets. One of the room closets was filled with shelves that served as a home for my boots and sneakers, hairdryer, straightener and curling iron. The closet/dresser/TV area was mirrored and nestled into the far wall of the room directly across from the bed. The bed was a plush, queen sized serenity set with a down comforter, 4 pillows (two Queen and two standard) of different density (two firm and two medium). The leather studded headboard reached to the ceiling against a calming brownish/green wall. Doncha just see it in your head?

The green studded chair and ottoman placed in front of the bed was conveniently located near the full wall window for natural light illumination but also had a hovering lamp to the right accompanied by a small coffee table. Being that I’m not a coffee drinker, that table quickly turned into my computer table. Hey, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. The only drawback with this window is that it wasn’t sealed (or closed all the way) and I could hear all the noise from the street.

The concierge was always soo helpful and seemed to be in such a good mood all the time. Since I got to this hotel around 8ish I was determined to unpack, stay in, order room service and relax. After all, I had to be up early for the IMATS show. Room service was unbelievable! The steak sandwich and fries I had were the BEST things I have eaten in a long time. Rightfully so as they charge you not only for the meal but also a 15% gratuity and a $5.00 delivery charge. A DELIVERY CHARGE!! We’ll leave that alone since I’m sure my all caps exclamation makes it pretty obvious how I feel about THAT!

The only thing that ticked me off about this hotel was the fact that they put a huge hold ($100 per day) on my credit card on top of the hold for the total fee of the room/taxes. It was a hold that they did NOT tell me about. I was soo ticked off because I was so careful when I booked the room and this was not disclosed to me. When I spoke to the supervisor he advised me this is their practice. They do this to reserve money for “incidentals”. After expressing my feeling about that and the fact that it was never told to me when I reserved the room I was left right where I started. I got no where. So this is something that I would definitely say is a strike, but honestly it’s the ONLY strike.

So, if I ever venture to Toronto again (and I’m sure I will) THIS will be the hotel I stay at. It was just too cozy for words. It was truly a home away from home. Enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come one, come all to the Sassiest little spot EVER!!

OK so this little pearl popped into my INBOX and I thought I'd pass this along to those of you who might be in the market for such a venue:) Makeup Artists, Designers, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Agents etc... Take note and pass it on!!

I've personally been to this magnanimous studio for the filming of a reality show that I did makeup for. It's even more impressive in real life!!

Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, TV & Film Recording Space.. You name it, this is the spot for you!!

Chacala is "the secret spot" a fashion brands choice!!

Fashion will always be a fast moving dialog : Whats out, Whats in, and Who knows about it.
Are you current ? Are you fresh ? Is your showcase or fashion event relevant to right now ?
Brands looking to be recognized for independent thinking, and cool fashion delivery should spend time at Event space and Media Venue "Chacala".

With room for a 140ft runway, media wall for sponsors, and access to an experienced in house production team,Chacala should be listed as one of your first venue visits.

No it isn't in the fashion district, but Chacala is still located on a pretty serious New York street called Broadway, close to all subways and easy to find.
Loading in equipment, staging,racks and gear is easy, and all their audio equipment
is already on site.
For more on Chacala event space request a site visit : 212 244 4464

Fashion Production Services : 212 244 4421
Chacala A secret spot
394 Broadway
NY NY 10013

Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Holiday Ideas for You:)

Hey there my fellow loyal readers:) I thought I'd take a break from the norm and give you some of my personal opinion on some products that have recently come across my well... nose. LOL..

I'm talking about fragrances!!

With the holidays fast approaching we're all kind of wondering what we can get that special someone or even ourselves. We all like to smell nice and we ALLLLLL want others to smell nice..LOL. Lawdy, that's a story for another time... hahahaha..

So if you're wondering what's new in the wonderfully smellerific world of fragrances, lemme school you real quick:)

I'm not saying I'm the tell all end all of fragrance conessures however, I gotta tell you, I'm listing quite an array of fragrances for your smelling pleasure.

Whether it's a floral fragrance or a rustic earthy tone you're looking for, I know there are a multitude of choices. What better than to dress yourself up on Christmas Eve to spend time with your family and to be able to spritz yourself with your very own Christmas gift to yourself:) I dunno about you but I'm the best gift giver EVER! LOL.. I heart me:)

If on the other hand you're making your Christmas list for others to choose from, a fragrance, be it large or small will always top the list of favorites, ESPECIALLY if it's one YOU chose:)

When looking to give the gift that your mother, sister, grandmother etc will never forget, perfume is soo the way to go. Lets face it, next to makeup, perfume is the best way to be girlie even when you're not feeling so girlie! Yuh-huh it is!!

It is after all, the most wonderful time of the year:)

So happy shopping to you all:) Start early so you're not stuck shopping late!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nars 15X15 Just for you!!

Fresh from my email inbox right to your loyal eyes:) We ALL heart Nars and now we can all have a li'l bit of him...
A 15 x 15 piece to be exact!!

Lookie-loo what I've posted for you!!

NARS introduces 15X15, a unique project celebrating 15 years of iconic beauty by Fran├žois Nars. This initiative features 15 celebrity portraits each inspired by a NARS product shade and based on an iconic reference chosen by Fran├žois (who personally created the makeup looks and photographed every portrait). The portraits appear in the limited-edition book 15X15, now available on

Visit to learn more about the project and to purchase the 15X15 book, portraits from the book, and images taken by the celebrities. Proceeds from this project will be distributed among the 15 charities chosen by the participating celebrities. The website will be live through December 12, 2009.
NARS 15X15 Facebook Page

"On the Avenue" Magazine's Domestic Violence Calendar

A cause near and dear to my heart.

There is no excuse for abuse!!

Does your partner:

  • Embarrass you with put-downs?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Look at you or act in ways that scare you?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Control what you do, who you see or talk to or where you go?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Stop you from seeing your friends or family members?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Take your money or Social Security check, make you ask for money or refuse to give you money?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Make all of the decisions?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Tell you that you’re a bad parent or threaten to take away or hurt your children?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Prevent you from working or attending school?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Act like the abuse is no big deal, it’s your fault, or even deny doing it?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Destroy your property or threaten to kill your pets?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Intimidate you with guns, knives or other weapons?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Shove you, slap you, choke you, or hit you?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Force you to try and drop charges?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Threaten to commit suicide?
There is no excuse for abuse!!
  • Threaten to kill you?

Join "On the Avenue" Magazine in the fight against domestic abuse. By visiting and clicking on the calendar link at the top of the page you can purchase your very own Anti-Domestic Violence Calendar and help the fight against domestic violence.

Each model who posed for our calendar has a different message, all to relay that REAL MEN ARE NOT ABUSERS!!