Monday, December 28, 2009

Rouge Makeup Studio Does it Again!!!

As though they don't do enough all year long.. Lookie Loo what the fabulous-ness that is Rouge Makeup Studio is doing just for YOU!!! (What a way to start off the year!!)

It's the Rouge Makeup Studio Post Holiday Sale Event where you can receive a 20%-90% off of all cosmetics and skincare products.... Yep, you read that right.. go ahead.. re-read it..I'll wait... LOL

Now there is a catch.. This fan-ta-bulous sale is only January 10th and 11th 2010 from 12-6 @ their Manhattan studio!! So.... Save ur pennies, get your Christmas money together, grab a friend and make sure you don't miss this huge-o sale-o!!!

Their glam-a-licious studio can be found at 1123 Broadway (at 25th street) Suite 1002 NY NY 10010. On one of these days (Sunday) the 1123 entrance will be closed so you'll have to go to 1133 Broadway, take the elevator to the 2nd floor to the second set of elevators and theeenn take one to the 10th floor). It's all very "Secret Agent" but you don't need to bring an egg and know the secret password..LOL..

This grand event is open to all professionals and makeup lovers!! While you're there, be sure to inquire about their upcoming classes! You can also visit for more information and sign up for their emailing list:)


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tsk Tsk Tsk.... Networking Faux Pas.....

Ok so I got this article in my inbox. It's funny to see that what I've seen from others is something that apparently runs rampant in other people's circles as well. I don't know how many times I've seen things and shook my head in disgust. Why people do the things they do is BEYOND me. If you're a friend of mine, chances are I've been honest enough with you to call your attention to your "social networking faux pas" but for those of you who aren't, can't help ya..LOL...

Here are some of the "Cut it out cuz it's not funny" habits that were in this article..LOL.. enjoy:

1. Direct Marketing
Sending spam messages selling products on professional focused social networking sites. Yesterday I received an InMail on LinkedIn with a list of recommended holiday presents and links to purchase them from a fellow group member...seriously? How is this related to professional networking?

2. Inappropriate Jokes
Sending personal anecdotes or jokes to people you do not know personally. Such as the email I recently received featuring a picture of Tiger Woods beaten up and then below it information on a financial firm - do I need to say more?

3. Flame Wars
Writing disparaging and personally mean messages to other members in comment sections of networking sites (flame wars). If you don't agree with another member's opinion - show some class and share your opinion, don't take personal pot shots at the author or any other member for that matter - the only credibility questioned in these types of comments is yours.

4. Marketing Posts
Post products you are selling under group discussions. I recently saw an advertisement in an IT group I belong to under the discussions section pushing fictional books on tape - again how is the professionally relevant to developers?

5. Ignoring Your Audience
The reason you joined a social network is to have a voice. A message from another member should be responded to; they are listening to you, don't turn them away.

6. Post links to anything you are promoting on someone else's wall.
I recently accepted a friend request on Facebook from someone I barely knew and they actually posted a link to my wall promoting a book they wrote - needless to say it was quickly deleted and that person de-friended. Is my wall really a place for you to promote your book?

7. Posting Profanities
If an f-bomb is really necessary to get your point across, don't do it on a professional site and make your comments unsearchable. Keep in mind that prospective clients, employers, and colleagues are going to Google you. I am not judging you - but they probably are.

**To learn more about things like these and more, click on the title of this posting to be taken directly to the site reference website.**

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute Gifting

There's no shame in holding off until the last minute to pick up your
Christmas gifts.
Sometimes it's just not that easy to find the PERFECT gift to give that
special person.
Soooo, leave it to me to be STILL shopping online and share some goodies with you that just HAPPEN to be in the same vein as my Make Up loving life!!!

The Sephora Makeup Box!! I mean really, it's like a one stop color shop for your face!!

The Juicy Tube Collection.. I HEART LIP GLOSS!!

Sephora Fragrance Sampler. Who needs chocolate when you've got perfumes to choose from?

Caudalie Skin Care... Yummy goodness for your face!!

The only thing missing from this mascara sampler is the eyelash curler!!

Tarte!! 'Nuff Said!!!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.... Always and For Ever!!!

GHD for your hair... aaahhhh, I can almost FEEL my hair breathing easy:)

Sephora Body Wash!!

Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah

Thursday, December 17, 2009

IMATS London

Because the wheels of the makeup world don't stop turning for any "recession", Makeup Artist Magazine presents IMATS London!!! That's right, just across the pond you too can enjoy the intensity, know how and eye candy that is the IMATS!!

Here you will find quite the list of exhibitors:
  1. Adesign
  2. Academy of Freelance Make Up
  3. ACMuse
  4. Airbase High Definition Professional Make-Up
  5. Andrea Leanza/Roberto Mestroni
  7. Beauty Call- Hair & Makeup Artist Academy
  8. BECTU
  9. Brush Stroke
  10. Charles Fox
  11. Cinema Makeup School
  12. Crown Brush
  13. Dermalogica
  14. Embroylisse
  15. Fero Beauty
  16. Guru Makeup Emporium
  17. Hakuhodo
  18. Joe Blasco Professional Make-up Artist Training Centers
  19. Kett Cosmetics
  20. London College of Fashion
  21. M.A.C
  22. M.A.C Pro
  23. Make-Up Artist Magazine
  24. Makeup International
  25. minke-props
  26. Mould Life
  27. MUA-TV
  28. MUD
  29. Naked Cosmetics
  30. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  31. PAM (Makeup Artist Provisions)
  32. Paris Berlin
  33. PowderPuffSquadInc.
  34. Principality Fx
  36. Royal Brush
  37. Sleek Makeup
  38. Smooth-on. Inc.
  39. Somerset College
  40. Temptu
  41. Treasure House Makeup
  42. West Thames
  43. Yaby Cosmetics

Can you STAND it?! That's quite the list they got going there. You can bet that to take full advantage of what IMATS London has to offer, you're gonna need both days! Yeah you are:)

Now take a look-see at the host for the London International Makeup Artist Trade Show!! It's the Alexandra Palace in Wood Gre

Here's some info from about the venue:

Alexandra Palace is situated in North London between Muswell Hill and Wood Green. It is well served by all forms of public transport and is easy to reach by underground, road and rail. A free shuttle bus service is available on most show days connecting you to the Palace grounds.

For more information, visit

And where oh where will you staaayyyy while visiting this beautiful palace for all your makeup goodies?!

Muswell Hill Hotel

Close to Muswell Hill, this hotel is only 12 minutes from Alexandra Palace. The newly refurbished three-story Edwardian corner property offers a warm, friendly service in pleasant surroundings with comfortable, newly appointed rooms and parking for nine cars. For reservations, call 020 8883 6447 or e-mail

White Lodge Hotel
Located in Hornsey, between Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Wood Green. It's a non-smoking guest house with 17 bedrooms and is VERY near Alexandra Palace and is only 30 minutes away from the most popular central London locations. For reservations contact:

Soooo, are you all geared up and ready to go?? I'm thinkin you are!! LOL.. Americans, Canadians etc.. Get your passports ready!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Party Drinky-Poo's

Well, we all want to be able to throw that perfect party and be able to tend bar for all of our friends to enjoy themselves:) So here are some great recipe's that I got from "The Cocktail Kitchen" to help your parties go that much smoother....

Vodka is always a good time waiting to happen:)

'Clink'... Where's the mistletoe??

What does every one of us need for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year? Good friends, Family, MY BLOG (teehee) & some drinky-poos!

No drunk texting ya'll!! LOL

These are sure to get your guests in the party mood and also delicately go along with any Christmas decor:)

Falalalala lalalala.......................

Happy Holiday's !!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Ideas for You:)

As the holiday's fast approach, some of you might be at a loss for what you should give different folks on your list:)

So, to give you a li'l help, here are some gift ideas that you can run right out and wrap with a bow!!

For men or women!! Xbox 360 is good times and high fives just WAITING to happen!!

It's entirely too cold out to not have cozy somethings to lounge around in!! These can be found at GAP!!

Nuff said ya'll:) Who wouldn't want a gift card to Starbucks so they can get their own peppermint soy latte something or other.. (Yeah I don't drink coffee so I'm at a loss, but HOT CHOCOLATE is also sold here:) )

All year long, we do our best to be the best "us" we can be. Now, after all of that Christmas shopping, family gatherings, shoveling and all around "stress", who couldn't use a massage. How bout a day at the spa?? Too much? How about an hour?

Ok this li'l do-dad is on MY Christmas list in PURPLE!! Yah baby! It's the Jawbone Prime in the "ear candy" line! Sooo super-dee-duper sexy and a rediculous noise assasination capeability!!

Now these are kind of pricey for me right now, but one day I too will own one of these beauties. I spend HOURS at Barnes and Noble/Borders reading, and spend so much on books. If only I had one of these bad boys to allow me to bring my magazines, newspapers, books and work with me in one little tablet? aahhhh.... simplification is key:) Holler @ the Kindle!!!

I'm fortunate enough to be the proud parent of a Palm Pre. I lalaloove my phone and don't know what I ever did without it. I DON'T however have a Palm Stone and I have to say.. I NEED IT!!
So this too is on my list:)

Size does matter!! So whether it's the new Macbook Pro or the small little Netbooks, there's one size for all. It's never been easier to tote around your computer from place to place and stay connected with the cyber world.

Hottest new Kodak video camera!! yup.. Bing it, Google it, learn about it, love it!!

IPod touch!! Nuff said.

Digital cameara for the ages:) Look at how sleek and sexy they are?! Can you STAND it?!

If the Ipod isn't quite your steez, why not try a Zune player?! "Music, makes the people, come together" .... LOL

No one ever gets tired of candles!! They can be found ANYWHERE for a wide range of prices:)

VCR? What? DVD Player.. ok.. but BLU RAY?! This is where it's AT!! Make no mistake, blu ray is FIYAH!!

For makeup artists, makeup junkies, makeup users.. they'll all appreciate these hygenic little wonders created by Roque Cozzette. They're just WAITING to help clean up your world!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The CW is casting now!!

Apply now to be on the network that brings you Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and 90210

The CW is Casting a new Series!

The CW network is looking for career-focused, professional women between the ages of 18-28 who are grappling with a bad habit.

Do YOU have a secret that is making your life unbearable?

Do you feel like you’re leading a double-life?

Polished on the outside, out of control on the inside?

Do you get a rush by dating more than one person at a time or have a problem with maintaining a relationship with one person?

Do you have a PASSION for FASHION that has actually put you in major debt? Are these financial pressures closing in on your seemingly perfect professional life?

Does your anxiety overwhelm you to the point that you have no choice but to self-injure yourself? Is your out-of-control attitude slowly pushing away the people you love?

If you have a deep dark secret habit that you just can’t kick despite your best efforts you should get in touch with us. For more information about this series and the producers please visit our casting website (viewable when you click to apply).

Location: All states, United States

Payment details: no pay

This listing requires:
  • A profile photo
Visit and create your profile!!!

On the real.. this is probably something that you really don't wanna miss out on! xo